Before you move to a new home, it’s important that you take precautions to protect your health. If you have ever moved before, then you know how stressful the process can be. However, staying healthy during the process is totally up to you.

Our Boston movers has put together all the most important tips for you on how to move quickly, safely and without headaches.

important house moving steps

Here are ten tips that will help ensure your safety during the moving process:

  1. Don’t try to lift heavy boxes by yourself
    The best way for two people to lift a box properly is with each person taking an opposite side of the box with their arms underneath (not on top of the box). Keep in mind, if someone has back problems or any other medical condition that could keep them from lifting with proper form, it’s smart not to lift at all. Get help from friends, family or hire movers.
  2. Keep your food fresh by freezing it
    If you are moving during the summer, make sure to put items in the freezer to keep them from spoiling while they wait to be moved. This will also help if there is unexpected weather that causes a delay in your move. Frozen water bottles can also help protect fragile items.
  3. Wrap breakables properly with bubble wrap and paper
    Before you pack anything, read the labels on boxes that come with moving supplies. You can purchase specialty boxes for things like dishes and framed pictures too. Again, if it’s not labeled then don’t risk it! Wrapping glassware in towels before placing in boxes is another but only do so when there is a layer of bubble wrap between the towel and glass.
  4. Label boxes with their room location, not their contents
    It’s almost impossible to remember where you packed everything six months from now. Instead, label each box with its correct location in your new home. For example: “Living Room” or “Kitchen.” You can use sharpie markers on the side and top of the boxes but if you want them to be able to read it from far away then make sure you write legibly.
  5. Keep extra supplies on hand for packing at the last minute
    When moving day finally arrives, don’t come up short when packing! You should plan ahead and purchase more boxes than you need (and writing utensils). But if you find yourself without something, don’t worry. Things like bubble wrap and paper can be purchased at a local store as last-minute items.
  6. Don’t pack anything that needs to stay cold or hot
    Storing your perishables in the freezer will ensure they stay fresh during your move but if you have things that need to be kept warm then it’s best to leave them behind. If you’re moving somewhere with a climate similar to where you are currently living, most likely those appliances won’t work out for you either.
  7. Keep all of your medications on hand during the move
    Moving is stressful enough without worrying about remembering important medical appointments and dosages. When packing up each room, make sure someone knows where all of your prescriptions are located. You can either keep them in their boxes or put them in a plastic bag with the date of the prescription written on it. If you take daily doses, then label each bottle clearly so nothing gets mixed up!
  8. Wash all linens before moving day
    You don’t want to risk leaving behind germs and bacteria while you move out. Wash everything from bed sheets to hand towels before packing them up for good. This will also help shorten the time it takes once you get to your new home because you won’t have to do any laundry.
  9. Don’t forget about Fido
    Moving is hard enough without worrying about what to do with your pets during the process too! Whether they are staying at your old home or coming with you, don’t forget to plan ahead. You can either hire a pet sitter or have friends and family watch them but make sure they are taken care of during the process.
  10. Keep all of your important documents together in one place
    There are so many things that come with moving out, including multiple forms for your landlord, utilities companies and the bank holding your mortgage. Make sure you keep these vital documents together in an easy-to-find location in case anything is misplaced during the moving process. It’s also helpful to keep copies of the same paperwork stored in different locations (e.g., at work, with a friend or relative). That way even if something gets lost, you’ll still be covered.

Remember you’re not alone! Go to Cratos Moving Inc. for all your moving needs. They can help simplify the process and make it easier on you! If you have any questions then feel free to contact them at their toll-free number or via email.