Cleaning before moving out of your rental apartment is a big deal, especially if you’re keen on getting back the security deposit you paid before you moved in. You have to put the house in order before moving out. That’s the only way you’ll get your security deposit back.  

The first thing to note about cleaning before you move out is that you don’t need to make the house 100% perfect. Depending on how long you lived in the apartment, wear and tear would naturally eat up some items in the house. 


The trick to make your rental look presentable is to pay attention to the parts that matter. Honestly, you don’t have to clean the entire apartment. 

This article will show you the 4 areas not to skip in your move-out cleaning. Paying attention to these areas would take the apartment from looking like a dump to a brand-new fortress. Let’s get into it. 

Look Up!

The first place you should never ignore is right above you! That’s right, the ceiling and everything placed up there are most likely rolling in the dirt. Of course, it’s not your fault. 

We hardly remember tackling the cobwebs on the ceiling during regular cleaning- unless the cobweb is visibly disturbing. 

However, when you’re moving out, it would help if you cleaned the ceiling, fans, light fixtures, and tall cabinets. Trust me; you’d be shocked at the dust pile you meet up there. 

The Neglected!

Admit it; during the times you cleaned the apartment, there indeed were some parts that you always ignored- intentionally or unintentionally. 

The air vents, window sills, the laundry machines, behind the stove, possibly the storeroom, etc. It doesn’t cross your mind to clean some of these spots because you never knew they needed cleaning. That’s fine. But it’s time to clean them out now. Sometimes, you may find difficulty in cleaning these hard-to-reach spots. This is where professional cleaning services can solve the problem easily. 

The Kitchen and its appliances.

There are no surprises there, but unless you’re a neat freak, almost everyone forgets to do a deep kitchen cleaning. Here’s what I mean. 

After using the Kitchen and its appliance, we mostly tidied up the counter by wiping off the oil and water spilled on the gas, countertops, etc. 

But we never really do an intense cleaning to restore the appliances to their initial state. Now that you’re moving out, you’ll have to clean the months of accumulated grease and grime on the stovetop, oven, and other appliances. 

You’ll also need to inspect the refrigerator for any deep stains. You can use different cleaning agents to restore the appliances to their former glory. 

Floors and Walls.

I shipped this last because they should be the last thing you clean. Inspect the walls and floors in all the rooms for stains and damages that could be fixed. 

Then deploy tough cleaning agents and baking soda to get rid of stains. If there are minor damages like holes in the wall, etc., there are dozen DIY videos on YouTube to help you fix those.