Through ideas for festive and frivolous eating, you may find a new use for your old, dusty shot glasses. Show your guests the more refined side of custom shot glasses at your next event, whether it’s a casual backyard barbecue or a formal dinner party. There is a strict ban on Jello shots.

For as long as I can remember, shot glasses have had just one purpose: to hold liquid for consumption. But I had no idea that besides drinking out of it, there are many other things you can do with a shot glass. Here are the top five ways I utilise custom shot glasses that do not include alcohol.

A Rack for Cooling Cookies on the Fly: Don’t have a cookie rack? No problem! You may prevent your baked goods from continuing to cook after removing them from the oven by propping a cold cookie sheet upon four shot glasses that have been flipped upside down. This will get air circulating beneath the newly cooked cookies on their sheet (no one likes tough cookies).

If you’re in a hurry but still want to use some of your roommate’s mouthwash, grab a shot glass and pour some into it for yourself. Your roommate probably keeps it in the dispenser. Your roommate will be relieved to know that you are not just consuming the minty-fresh liquid straight from the bottle during your freeloading session. The Dixie Cup approach may be replaced with this more eco-friendly option if you keep one of these on your bathroom sink.

Other uses for shot glasses besides serving alcohol

The dish for scented oil is a wonderful alternative to candles for those of us who live in areas that do not permit candles; nevertheless, scented oil dishes and holders are notoriously pricey (while the oil is relatively cheap). A more affordable fad that costs $25 at Pier One is to fill shot glasses with scented oils. If you like using oil reeds, you may choose to split them in half to reduce the top-heavy nature of the glass.

Teabag holder: 

It drives me crazy when I have to use a full tea bag for just one cup of tea; while I’m carrying the used bag to the trash can, I can practically hear the squeaking of the little bag. “However, I still have so much more to offer! I want to play again, Coach!” In situations like these, shot glasses are quite helpful. Put a teabag that you’ve only used part of there to keep it fresh until the next time you make a cup of tea.

Maintain Your Calm

A satisfying bowl of cold soup is the quintessential summertime treat. A mouthful of soup, whether a bright and tangy fruit variety or a smooth and creamy French classic like vichyssoise, is an excellent way to whet appetites and kickstart discussion.

Palate Cleanser

To freshen their palates, provide each guest with a chilled glass of something refreshing, such as a sorbet. The addition of grapefruit will give the party a sour flavour, and the addition of alcoholic brunch favourites like champagne or elderflower cordial will give the party more of a pop. If you want a savoury accent, experiment with odd flavours like sorrel. In addition to that, there is always the option of consuming it in some form…

Trifles made with Strawberry Shortcake.

Create a bright and delicious dessert that will take your tablescape to the next level with these trifles made for a single serving. This recipe serves six people, so if you have a lot of people around, double or even treble the amount!

A Novel Approach to Coffee

Allow your customers to personalise their coffee experience by offering a shot of espresso with a glass or pitcher of warm milk, a dish of whipped cream, and raw sugar, honey, or simple syrup as toppings. Those who want to indulge after dinner should be given the option to choose from various beverages, such as coffee-flavoured liqueurs or cognac.

A Lovely Smell of Springtime

Offer your guests some breath-beautifying cardamom or crushed star anise in shot glasses to feel comfortable giving each other two kisses as they say farewell. This is a trick that is often used in Indian eateries.

Here’s a toast to whatever arrangement you give it to my close pals.

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