Wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular in many modern homes, and for a good reason. Their practicality combined with a stylish design makes them an attractive addition to any home. If you’re still unsure about installing one, this article will crush all doubts and show you why a wet room is an excellent choice for your bathroom. Let’s begin with an introduction to what wet rooms are. 

What Is A Wet Room?

A wet room is a modern bathroom designed to be completely waterproof. A glass screen usually separates it, and the walls and floor of the enclosure are tanked, protecting them from excess moisture. In some cases, the whole bathroom is tanked, thus eliminating the need for a screen. Wet rooms have a levelled floor tilted slightly to drain the water out. 

Here are six advantages of having one in your home. 

  1. Increases home value
  2. Durable and long lasting
  3. Ease of installation
  4. Space saving and modern design
  5. Safety and accessibility 
  6. Ease of use and maintenance

6 Advantages of a Wet Room

1.Increases Home Value

This is perhaps the most important of all advantages of a wet room. Due to their elegant and contemporary designs, wet rooms add a sophisticated touch to your home, which increases its value. Modern features like this typically make properties more attractive to potential buyers as they are trendy and futuristic. Consider installing one when next you’re renovating your home.

2.Durable and Long Lasting

Another benefit of having a wet room is its durability. Wet rooms are protected from moisture that could seep into the wall and, as a result, can last longer. Investing in one may not give any returns per se, but you’d save money on repairs and water leaks. In addition, the stylish and sleek design of a wet room can stand the test of time, leaving your bathroom always looking good as new.

3.Ease of Installation 

Installing a wet room in your bathroom is not as difficult as you may think. There are a lot of DIY exercises that can walk you through the process. You could also contact a professional plumber for consultation or hire one to get the job done. Whichever method you choose, you can install your wet room and it is available to use in no time. 

4.Space Saving and Modern Design

Wet rooms come in various sleek and stunning designs for your consideration. Due to its minimalistic nature, you can play around with lightning and materials like wood, natural stones or glass when decorating your bathroom. Irrespective of the kind of interior you have, wet rooms can fit in seamlessly with your bathroom design. They are also highly space-saving and ideal for a small bathroom. Check out more wet room ideas to implement in your home.  

5.Safety and Accessibility 

Wet rooms are pretty easy to access as they do not have doors like showers or a unique shape like tubs. This makes them an ideal bathroom option for people living with a disability or older people who cannot move about freely. It is also a safe choice as the bathroom is a walk-in, and the floor is non-slip. 

6.Ease Of Use And Maintenance 

The best part of having a wet room is the ease of maintenance. Wet rooms require very little maintenance. Unlike traditional bathrooms, wet rooms have fewer fixtures, and clogged water is not an issue as the drain system is parallel with the floor. Convenient, comfortable and modernistic, wet rooms have a lot of benefits to offer. 


Wet rooms are popularly known for their aesthetic appeal and the modern value they add to any property. Installing one in your bathroom protects your home, encourages creativity and gives you a luxurious bathroom experience.