Why does sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress cause back pain? At night, the human body rests, but the brain does not cease to control all processes. When nerves and blood vessels are compressed in an uncomfortable position, the brain sends a signal to the muscles to correct the situation.

As a result, they tense up all night, and the pain in the vulnerable areas increases. Such a dream cannot be called complete and healthy. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress in an uncomfortable position means aggravating back pain.

A good mattress is not only good for the back, it has a beneficial effect on:

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Features of choosing a mattress for a sore back

Before buying a mattress, determine the condition of your back. To do this, see your doctor and do an MRI of the area in which you feel discomfort. Depending on the type of back disease, select the firmness and composition of the mattress.

Osteochondrosis. The best option for sleeping is a mattress of medium hardness and a height of 5 cm. Artificial or natural latex, as well as combinations of coconut + memorix or coconut + latex, are suitable as fillers. Such a product will have an orthopedic and anatomical effect. The mattress topper for back pain will relieve pain and support the spine in a natural position;

Scoliosis. In case of spinal deformity, give preference to a mattress without springs, firmness – high or medium, material – coconut or artificial / natural latex;

Radiculitis. Choose mattresses with independent springs, that is, those springs that are not connected to each other and perceive the load pointwise. Only those springs that are loaded are pressed;

Lumbosacral radiculitis (sciatica). With this disease, a person experiences pain not only in the back, but also in the limbs. In this case, it is worth buying a mattress of moderately soft or medium firmness. The best fillers are latex and memorix. They will adjust to the shape of the body, relieve tension from soft tissues, relax muscles and reduce pain;

Intervertebral hernia. For people with this diagnosis, a double-sided latex mattress on a block of independent springs is suitable. One side is medium hard, the other is soft. The task of fillers: to reduce the pressure of the body on the mattress and relieve muscle hypertonicity;

Arthritis. With joint damage, your well-being depends on the choice of mattress. It should have medium stiffness and a reinforced spring block. Spring priority is Micropacket S2000 and Multipacket S1000;

Postoperative period. After a fracture or spinal surgery, it is worth purchasing a hard bed filled with coconut fiber to help speed up the rehabilitation period.

With recurrent back, neck and spine pain, it is better to sleep on double-sided mattresses with independent springs. Their material is coconut or orthopedic foam, memorix or natural latex.

It is necessary to take into account not only the existing diseases, but also other factors:

• Features of anatomy. If you are overweight, you should choose a product of medium or high hardness. And also always pay attention to the permissible load on the mattress in its characteristics;

• Age. The older the person is, the softer the sleeping surface should be;

• Number of people. If two people are going to sleep on the mattress, the difference in weight should be taken into account. If it is less than twenty-five kilograms, you can buy a mattress, focusing on a heavier partner. If the difference in weight is greater, choose Duet and S2000 innerspring mattresses to avoid rolling of a light partner to a heavy one.

The hard mattress myth

There is an opinion that the harder the mattress, the better. It’s a delusion. A hard sleeping place does not allow the body to fully rest during sleep, since the muscles do not relax on such a surface, but, on the contrary, tense up all night.

A firm mattress puts pressure on the shoulders and pelvis, thereby numbing these parts of the body. In the morning, discomfort in these places is also possible. Such a berth is not designed to follow the curves of the human body and properly support the spine. The result is inadequate sleep and increased back pain.

Useful tips when choosing a mattress for a sore back

Not all orthopedic mattresses are right for you – with the wrong choice, back pain will only worsen. The mattress that suits you gives you a feeling of comfort, it follows all the contours of the body. The spine is in a natural position, and in the morning you feel rested and vigorous.


Nowadays, most people suffer from back pain: sedentary work, a sedentary lifestyle or past injuries all affect the spine. One cannot ignore the painful sensations in the back, because neglect of health can lead to serious illnesses.

To prevent the development of the disease, you need:

A good mattress is an excellent prevention of back diseases. Even if you do not suffer from back pain, you should choose a comfortable orthopedic mattress. You will feel better and your risk of back pain will decrease. Before buying a mattress, it is advisable to consult with your doctor, he will be able to suggest an option that is ideal for you!

When choosing a mattress, pay attention:

Do not be alarmed if at first it will be uncomfortable for you to sleep on an orthopedic mattress. The fact is that your body is already used to sleeping in the wrong position on the wrong mattress or without it at all. Let your body get used to it! After two weeks, you will feel real comfort, and the pain in the spine will be significantly reduced.