According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, over 50 million Americans have allergies. If you’re one of the millions of people that develop allergies in the spring, you might want to deep clean to decrease allergens in the air. 

This guide will discuss some spring cleaning tips that can help reduce allergens and keep your home looking great. Keep reading to learn more. 

spring cleaning tips and tricks

Start With Decluttering 

The first item on your spring cleaning checklist should be decluttering. You can’t remove the dust and dirt from your home without organizing the items inside it. 

The best approach to decluttering is tackling one room at a time. Look through the items you have in each room and organize them into different piles.

Decide whether you want to keep something, donate it, or throw it away. Once you’ve organized your closets and drawers, you can move on to other spring cleaning items on your list. 

Wipe Everything Down

Other spring cleaning tips you should follow include wiping down everything in your home. Most people wipe down kitchen counters at the end of each day, but spring cleaning requires a deeper clean. 

You’ll need to wipe down windows and curtains to remove all dust and allergens. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your walls and doors too. 

Clean Out Your Refrigerator 

Other home cleaning items you should complete in the spring include deep cleaning your refrigerator. Expired or moldy food can leave your fridge smelling bad, and it can pose a risk to your health as well. 

Start with taking everything out. You’ll need to wipe down all the shelves and wash the bins with soap.

Throw out any old food and place items back on the shelves by category. You can add a box of baking soda to keep bad odors from infiltrating your fridge. 

Don’t Forget About Your HVAC System 

Checking your HVAC system is an important part of home maintenance and spring cleaning too. It’s important to change your HVAC filter every three months, but you should be changing it more often during the spring. 

Neglecting to change the filter will prevent your HVAC system from catching the extra dust and allergens in the air, and that can exasperate your allergy symptoms. You’ll be breathing healthier air with a clean filter. You’ll also see less dust on the furniture throughout your home.

Make Sure Your Home Smells Good 

Another important aspect of home care is keeping your environment smelling fresh. A better smelling home will reduce stress, improve focus, and make you happier. Consider using scent diffusers to help keep your home smelling great all day. 

Everything That Should Be On Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

The items on this list are some of the most important when it comes to spring cleaning. Make sure you declutter your space and keep it smelling fresh too. 

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