Many people live in single story houses and think of upgrading it to a two story house. But, they always wonder if it is worth the time and investment. Also, can your house support a second story? We will talk about all these things in our article.

Real estate is a growing market and construction is its essential part. Due to the increasing prices of real estate, it is financially difficult to buy a new plot of land and construct a new house. Instead, people prefer to modify their existing house according to their needs. Building a second story is the most common and effective thought.

Before knowing what are facts and information related to the second story building, we should know why a person needs a second story and what are its benefits.

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The need for a second storey in the house

Remodeling of the house requires a lot of thinking before taking any action. Adding a second story will give double the space of your current house, you just need to have a good map and efficient cost. But again, can your house support a second story? You can get an answer to this once you know why you need it.

An extra floor may give you the space for a garden or a backyard. You can also get a playground for your new-born. A two-story house can give you a safe distance from neighbors. Some common reasons or growing your house into two stories are:

  1. Growing family: Many people live in houses that they got from ancestors which were meant for less no. of people to live. But, a growing family demands a bigger house.
  2. Privacy to members: Privacy is a big issue when more people live in a small house. Remodeling into a bigger two-story house can give more rooms, thus more privacy.
  3. Better infrastructure: A two-story gives you more space to explore and make the house beautiful. To make better architectural changes, you can always go for an extra floor.
  4. Save your favorite spot: People always have the option to extend the 1st floor instead of making the second one. But, some important parts of the house like an ancestral tree, garden, a swing, etc. make it a difficult situation.

These reasons are a very common type and one can have many other reasons. But apart from these worries, you should be sure of the answer to the question, can our house support the second story. For the answer, you need to look at various deciding factors.

Points to check before remodeling 

When a person thinks of shifting from 1 story to 2nd, he has to answer a common question, can your house support the second story? But, answering this becomes easy if you take a decision these factors:

Architectural strength: 

For building a second story, you should always consult an architect and make sure that your house is physically strong enough to take the load of a new story. He will check if the house is an incorrect zone to build.

The factors taken into consideration are the depth of the base, height of walls and pillars, the material used in the ceiling, etc. after evaluating these, you will get to know the answer to the question, can your house can support a second story.

Cost of building:

The bigger question behind can your house second story or not is, will the second story be cost-effective and in your budget. You can contact a good builder who will tell you the approximate cost of the building.

Once you know the budget, you make necessary changes in architecture and interior to make it more or less cost-effective. 

Time required:

Construction is a tedious and time-taking activity. You should beforehand know how much time will the project to complete. You can arrange for an alternative place to live in for the meanwhile and arrange funds for the construction.


Now, we can conclude that having a second story is worth the money and time. You also have the answer to the question, can your house support the second story. So, if you have decided to have the second story, you must contact professionals soon.