Summer in Australia arrives with fun and a lot of sun. It is that time of the year when everyone wants to sit at home and enjoy their split systems.

The functioning of the air conditioner depends upon how you maintain it. With a boiling sun, you cannot afford a faulty air conditioner. Today, we will show you how to maintain your air conditioner before summer

Importance of Maintenance:

You cannot survive the summer in Australia without a running air conditioner. The start of scorching sun means that the summer is on its way, and there is no escaping around. Every machine requires maintenance. Just like that, a split system requires yearly maintenance to function to its level best for when the time comes. 

Maintenance usually includes cleaning the core components of the air conditioner like compressor, body, and filters. Let’s have a detailed look at how to maintain your air conditioner. 

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Cleaning the Air Filter:

Not just quarterly, but cleaning the air filter every two weeks should be a part of your routine to ensure smooth and dust-free cooling of the air conditioner. Cleaning an air filter is not a timely task and does not require a professional. You can do it yourself by removing dust with the help of tap water. Air filters require frequent attention when the air conditioner is in daily use. 


Over years of usage, the evaporator and condenser coil collects dust and debris. Over six months, check the condition of evaporator and condenser coils. The dust on coils blocks the airflow, and in some cases, it insulates them. Clean the evaporator coil to ensure smooth functioning of the air conditioner in the summer. 

Coil Fins:

The coil fins are located on the outdoor of the split system. It is a better practice to keep the coil fins straight before the summer. Their aluminum coils get bent easily, resulting in blocking the airflow. “Fin Comb” is a tool readily available in the market that can quickly comb the coil fins. It is indeed an excellent investment


It is a small box mounted near the split system that helps in changing the temperature of the room. Checking the thermostat to make sure that it is working is essential for getting ideal cooling results. In the case of a traditional thermostat, consider changing it to a programmable thermostat, as it will allow you to set the temperature on the phone. It can be of great value because you can easily change your air conditioner’s temperature when you are away. 

Cleaning the Outer Unit:

The outer unit is where the heat goes to, and a slight mistake like a jammed fan or faulty cage can cause electrical disaster. Clean the condenser with a jet washer to rake back any dust, debris, and leaves. When the split system is not in use, keep the outer covered with a plastic bag or casing to prevent dust and debris from going inside. Please do not cover the condenser entirely as it will cause corrosion to the rods. 

Wiring and Components:

Before checking the components and wiring of the air conditioner, turn off the main switch and power supply to nullify the risk of electrocution. You can check the wiring and components by removing the panel from the top. 

Look out for damaged wires or components so that it does not result in short-circuit. If you cannot look out for broken cables, consider consulting an HVAC technician to guide damaged wires and repairable components. 

Condenser Fan:

There is no point in getting your AC ready for summer if you have not examined its core component thoroughly. A condenser fan is responsible for all the cooling of the indoor. There is no way you can ignore the service of the condenser fan.

Check these points to make sure you are on the right path:

Split System Fins: 

Fins are an essential part of the air conditioner. The cool breeze is going to come out of here. If the fins are not cleaned, the air coming out will be full of dust and debris, making people with asthma prone to severe medical conditions. To prevent this from happening, make sure internal and external fins are cleaned thoroughly. 


If you want to enjoy a hassle-free summer, a perfectly maintained air conditioner is a must. Like any other appliance in your home, the air conditioner also needs a service. It helps in enhanced cooling and reduced electricity bills. We at ComfyHome Heating & Cooling make sure you meet all your requirements by servicing and repairing your air conditioner and split systems leaving no stones unturned. Give us a chance because we don’t quit.