You may figuratively anticipate to change diaper after diaper during your baby’s first few months. This implies that you’ll also be using a change table a lot. It only makes sense to ensure that your baby’s diaper changing station is equipped with everything you need and is cozy for both of you.

You might be surprised by how much is required for just one diaper change if this is your first child. Wet wipes, cotton balls, a clean set of diapers (and clothing), and perhaps a tube of rash cream are necessary infant supplies.Additionally, never leaving your kid alone on top of their changing table is essential when changing their diapers. 

So how do you assemble a thorough and welcoming diaper changing table?

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A Diaper Changing Station Should Have These 11 Items

  1. A Solid Changing Table For Babies

The baby changing table is the center of attention and the most crucial component of your diaper changing station. You should pick a solid, stable one. In order to reduce the strain on your back, it should be at the proper height. Remember to include a safety strap and plenty of storage. 

  1. A Consistent Supply Of Paper

If there are no diapers available, is it even a diaper change station? Don’t be scared to stockpile diapers; having more on hand is quite beneficial. Keep a stack of pre-folded shells with absorbent inserts already inside if you use cloth diapers to speed up changing time. Keeping a separate stack of inserts for situations where you only need to replace the inserts rather than the shells will be useful as well.

  1. Wet Wipes And/Or Cotton Balls In Stock

When your infant is young, you may anticipate going through a lot of wet wipes! To ensure you never run out of wet wipes, buy in bulk. Keep a supply of damp cotton balls on hand as well, as they may be kinder to your baby’s skin.

  1. A Changing Pad Backup Cover

Purchase at least two cozy waterproof changing pad covers so you will always have a spare on hand. Keep a backup cover nearby in case the primary one gets wet or dirty.

  1. A Small Basket Of Infant Clothes In The Current Size

There are times when more than just diapers need to be changed! When diaper blowouts occur (preferably infrequently), you will need to change your infant out of the dirty garments. Having a few baby clothing on hand will be quite helpful. 

  1. A Stuffed Animal Or Knitted Rattle

It’s a good idea to occupy your infant while you take care of business like changing their diapers. Again, add a beloved plush toy or crocheted rattle at your diaper changing station to keep all baby supplies close at hand. To keep your infant busy, you might also hang another melodic mobile for babies.

  1. Rash Cream In A Tube

Since you won’t always require rash cream, having one bottle or tube on hand should be sufficient. Simply make sure you have one in case your child develops diaper rash.

  1. A Baby Pail

Another option is to have your diaper pail right next to the area where you change diapers. By doing this, you can quickly get rid of your baby’s soiled diaper without having to leave them both alone.

  1. Bin For Laundry

Additionally, it’s crucial to keep a laundry basket available for dirty cloth diapers or clothing.

  1. Alamp Shade

Have a lampshade close to your baby’s diaper changing station so you are prepared to change your baby’s diaper at night. The overhead light can be excessively harsh and wake up an asleep baby, thus it’s ideal to have a lampshade with muted lighting.

  1. Hand Sanitizer Bottle

Last but not least, remember to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer close by!