Our basements can be seen as many different things, especially if they are fully finished. Often times, we use them as a storage space, whether it be the entire basement or one section of it.

When it comes down to organizing this space however, it could be a daunting task. Figuring out the amount of space you have, the style you want to portray, and how many supplies you have to store can make things overwhelming, fast.

That’s why we’re here to help! Whether you choose to hire a professional contractor or do it yourself, here are the steps to creating a neat, clean storage space in your basement: 

Measure the space you have

It’s easy to end up on Amazon or at your local HomeGoods looking for cute storage supplies, but if they don’t fit in your space, the new storage supplies are a waste.

Before you begin this project, you must measure the space you have. Often times, we over-shoot how much space we have and how many items we have to store. In order to save time and aggravation returning items that don’t fit, measure the amount of space you have by width and height.

Also, consider the amount of items you would like to store and how much room they will require. This will ensure you have the correct measurements when going into our next step- floor planning. 

Create a floor plan

After you’ve measured how much space in your basement you want to dedicate to storage, write out a floor plan you want to follow. Note: your entire basement doesn’t have to just be for storage if you don’t want it to be!

You can designate a corner to be storage and the rest can be whatever you want! Especially if you have a finished basement that guests like to hang out in, you can create the best of both worlds by filling your need for extra storage and extra space for entertainment.

Write out your floor plan on a piece of paper with the measurements that each area will require. This will start to bring your plan to life.

Buy storage cabinets and bins that will fit both your items and your style. 

Now, after all the measuring is complete and you’ve come up with your floor plan, it’s time to go shopping! Remember that when it comes to storage, you don’t have to go for the typical storage tubes you see in storage units (unless you want to). Here are some ideas for storage looks: 

·         Cubbies (with or without baskets)

Horizontally or vertically stack, storage cubbies are a modern storage look for homes today. You can create more privacy by putting your items into baskets or you can display them by placing the items straight into the cubby space. 

·         Storage tubs with lids

For the classic storage look, storage tubs with lids are the way to go. Not only are they a classic, but they are usually very sturdy, making them great for storing heavier items.

You can either stack them up or put them on shelves. You can also find them in multiple different colors and shapes to fit the space you have the design you need. 

·         Drawers

For the ultimate amount of privacy, drawers are perfect for those who want their items stored away for no one to see. Because of this hidden look, it will be easier to blend it in with the rest of your basement, depending on the style you’re going for. 

·         Shelves

Whether it be a bookshelf or a shelf with little knickknacks, shelves are great for displaying the items you have. You can either mount them on a wall or have them free-standing, of course depending on the basement layout you have and the design you’re going for. 

Organize items by category and label them

Once the storage bins and cabinets have arrived at your house, it’s time to finish the job! For the ultimate organization, organize the items that you have into categories. For example, “sports gear” or “holiday decorations” can be some options.

Then, put these items in their designated bins and label them as such. The more specific the label, the easier it will be for you and others trying to find these items later on. 

That’s it! Now you’ve created the perfect storage space in your basement. The time and effort you put into this project can be a lot, but it is all worth it as you look at the beautiful organization you created.

If you would like to learn about the options you have for your basement plan or for more information on how to organize your basement space efficiently, visit HomePro Match to find your local basement finishing contractor!