Currently, kids prefer sitting all day enjoying their PlayStation and whatnot. How can you blame them in our 24/7 digital entertainment world? Sure, it can be a challenge to entice them off the couch, so they require an incentive to do so.

A trampoline can provide just that since its fun to jump on and provides some very much-needed fitness activity. There are so many benefits to getting a trampoline for kids, which we break down to bite-sized information below.

benefits of trampoline to kids

1. Encourages Increased Outdoor Activity

It’s beneficial for kids and everyone to play outside in the sunshine and fresh air. As kids grow, their muscles develop in tandem. It’s vital for them to have physical activities, to improve their flexibility and agility.

A trampoline will psyche up your kids to play outside, so they can be more physically active, increase leg strength as well as help firm and tone muscles. Kids on a trampoline will need to use all their body’s muscles.

NASA even claims that rebound exercises such as trampolining to be the most effective form of exercise yet devised by man.

Another form of exercise that’s equally engaging could be swimming, but that’s not so easily accessible. Also, exercise such as running only works on developing the arms and legs muscles.

Some studies even found that trampolining for only 10 minutes is better than 30 minutes of running. You can see more details about trampoline at

2. Cardiovascular Health And Development

Kids also need to engage their hearts just as much as adults. The heart should be challenged to promote good health. The lungs need to be worked every once in a while- completely filling and deflating them through heavy breathing. Jumping on a trampoline can induce both effects.

3. Enhanced Motor Skill

When having fun bouncing on a trampoline, a kid has to maintain proper coordination between the brain and body. Jumping up and Maintaining this attention creates vestibular simulation.

In simple terms, your kid will learn to control different limbs and muscles concurrently. A kid that regularly plays on a trampoline often is better at maintaining their body’s posture and anticipating the next course of action.

Bouncing on a trampoline can also improve your child’s ocular motor skills, or put simply- eyesight. As the kid jumps up and down, they have to locate and fixate on the mat they’re bouncing off on.

The resulting effect of this focus is improved coordination and movement of the eyes, even when the kid attends to other objects.

4. Strengthened Immune System

Exercise, in general, does improve the immune system. Rebounding off a trampoline is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system, which in turn pushes toxins out of cells, allows nutrients in, and promotes optimal blood flow.

The increased blood flow not only leads to a strengthened immune system, but it also helps in the release of endorphins and promotes digestion. Kids having difficulty in digestion usually fall sick. Therefore, countering this and combining it with an improved immune system causes the child to feel great.

Endorphins are the hormones that make people feel happy, and your kid will have a more positive outlook on life with them in abundance. On top of that, more cheerful people and kids fare better when they fall sick.

5. Stress Relief

Kids, at present, endure challenging times in schools. All that pent-up emotion needs an outlet in the form of physical activity. On a trampoline, they can unwind and forget the burden of studying for a little while. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

The feeling of weightlessness up in the air creeps in both physically and emotionally. The exhilarating and uplifting feeling a child gets on a trampoline is unrivaled. Oxygen circulation increases, and endorphins are released even more, which only leads to cheerful and happy feelings.

6. Improved Balance

Along with developing motor skills, trampolining is an excellent way of enhancing toddler’s muscle development, reinforcing joints, and strengthening bones.

As the center of gravity changes, the jumper has to coordinate and balance as they rebound over and over. Children who haven’t yet honed their skill of good balance and coordination can tremendously benefit from this.

7. Improved Posture

Kids nowadays frequently sit on their desks in school or couches at home. Physical activity is shelved for devouring more books. However, a kid suffering from lousy posture for all the compromising positions they sit in for most of the day can be rectified through the bouncing off a trampoline. Besides, a bad posture can lead to illness and injury.

8. Better Academic Performance

For your child to gather properly, having control of their body and movement is of paramount importance. A trampoline can instill such ideals, which will only be helpful in the long run.

So the more they play, the better they get at learning. Pain can easily distract a kid. If your child isn’t logging in some form of physical activity, he or she might get repetitive strain injuries and not concentrate in class altogether.

The trampoline can as well be an engaging tool for learning through play. As an example, your kid can count, jump onto colored shapes, and follow your directions doing so. These types of activities give them a head-start to the learning process.

9. Increase Confidence

Kids who are taking longer than usual to walk will appreciate the forgiving bouncy surface on a trampoline. On its mat, the toddler will joyfully balance on the surface and gain confidence in doing so. Kids are more likely to try walking on a bouncy soft surface, rather than risk falling over on floors.

A timid child will be thrilled to engage in physical activity through a trampoline. Thereon, their fear and anxiety will dissipate. The child becomes braver and will be introduced to exercising in a fun way. The trampoline has no right or wrong way, so the child is confident of what they’re doing.

10. Learning Persistence

Kids are distracted quite easily, more so today. It sure helps to have a clear mantra and take a break from it all. Your kid can tremendously benefit when they first learn to jump on a trampoline.

Since the activity is too enjoyable, the child does something that physically and mentally engaging. They have to nail their moves right, and they can be happy about doing something of their own making.


With all the many benefits a trampoline offers, it can also present a risk: so does every other physical activity. Therefore, toddlers shouldn’t be left to jump unsupervised. Remind kids to play safely, and every precaution should be taken to prevent injury. All in all, the pros of a trampoline greatly outweigh the cons.