Blackout curtains are not a new invention, they have been in use since World War 2. At that time they were used for opposite purpose British used them to hide their interior light from the Nazi planes because the Nazi planes were likely to hit the building from which this see the light coming out.

Long ago the word for is over but the blackout curtains are still here and have evolved through time.

At that time only thick and black colored cotton panels were used to hide the interior light but nowadays there comes a variety of blackout panels which are made from many synthetic materials like polypropylene, rubber, foam and other opaque materials that are thermal insulators and block light.

Blackout drapes are now widely used for bedroom, theatres and conference rooms where blackout is needed and luckily they do the same. 

Blackout curtains, as well as blackout, drapes both offer different features, for instance, blackout curtains offer complete blackout but still allow a bit of the light say 1-2% to enter into the place & they are light in weight and available at affordable prices.

They usually contain only one or two layers of fabric material. On the contrary when it comes to blackout if they contain two to three layers from which the facing side is made from upholstery fabric and the backing is made from a foam or a rubber which blocks all the light from entering the place and a small portion of noise as well.

Blackout fabric comes in all colors including both darker and the lighter one. They are very functional in either winter or summer.  Practical functionality is the main reason which evolved them through time and made them popular forever.

There is little practical functionality of these drapes that prove them exceptionally useful for all seasons.

 Provide blackout

As their name suggests they are constructed to block the light and create a complete blackout. Many companies claim to have curtains that block up to 99% of the light from all sources either it’s day or night.

To your surprise, even the low-quality panels block a significant amount of light and create the desired environment.

This feature especially helps those who live in a south-facing place where the sunshine directly comes in and heats the place filling it with plenty of light at the same time.

Drawing these curtains closer together to close all the gaps will bring a soothing effect and act as a guard against the excessive sunlight which will ultimately protect your soft furnishing furniture and other expensive accessories.

On the contrary, if you light a gentle or dim light these curtains are still the ideal choice. Light colored blackout curtains will allow a bit of light & help you create the desired look. 

Block noise

Other than creating a blackout these draperies are the best go-to when it comes to controlling the excess amount of noise.

The blackout lining act as a guard against the unwanted sound and help you get the peaceful environment eliminating the excessive and loud sounds.

High-quality blackout panels effectively block up to 40% of the noise & this feature greatly helps those who work at the night shift and need rest during the daytime. It also helps the kids and elderly people to sleep comfortably during the daytime.

Other than creating a comfortable sleeping environment they provide a peaceful place to work from home as well. 

Save energy

These draperies are known for their energy-saving and thermoregulation properties. The heavy baking prevents draughts and thermals from entering the place.

They effectively trap the heat during the winter & block the draught from coming in thus by creating a cozy environment. 

Similarly, in the summer, they block the heat from outside to enter the place and prevent energy loss through the window gaps.

According to research, these panels save up to 22 to 25 per cent energy loss and help the temperature maintenance systems work efficiently and reduce electricity consumption. This saves you money on the electricity bill and greenhouse gases up to 25%

Provide privacy 

Nowadays when privacy invasion has become very common, one needs to take strict actions to protect his privacy.

Blackout curtains are the best go-to when it comes to privacy protection. they block the view from outside and make your place appear dark hiding everything inside.

It is guaranteed that no one can see through them no matter how hard he/she tries.  For those who have front glass doors or large glass windows, blackout panels are a must to save their place from the peeping eyes of the passersby and the outsiders. 

Create a comfortable sleeping environment

Comfortable sleep is very necessary for health. These panels’ help the people who work at the night shifts need to sleep during the day because overnight working can cause severe health problems due to irregular sleeping habits. But sleeping during the day becomes a bit tough due to excessive sunlight and noise.

At this time blackout eyelet  curtains are the best helper as stated earlier they block 99% of the light, 100 percent ultraviolet radiations and 40% noise from entering to the place and through creating the perfect sleeping environment this not only helps to create a night ambience but also provide one with the restful sleep. 

Dress up the windowsNot only the practical functionalities, but they are also very useful to dress up the window according to the latest trends.

They come in solid and plain colors which add a contemporary accent to the interior when hung right. They are the perfect go-to for the small Windows and create an Illusion of broader Windows by adding more to their volume and creating an in-depth look.

When it comes to hanging them they are hand like other regular curtains just make sure that the curtain rod is sturdy and strong enough to bear their weight. You may also like to visit Imperial Rooms online store of UK for buying curtains.