In recent years, the use of composite decking is becoming increasingly fashionable in homes across the United Kingdom. It gives your property a clean and elegant appearance. There are several ways you can improve your backyard with composite decking boards if you are short of cash.

Here are our suggestions: 

Multifunctional outdoor areas

Creating a multipurpose outdoor area will transform your backyard from boring and dull to elegant. A multipurpose backyard is functional in many ways.

Apart from providing everyday fun and excitement, it will certainly enhance your property value. This is why homeowners today are striving to make the most of their outdoor space by splitting into multifunctional zones. 

You can create zones for eating, discussing with friends and reading. Each space appears like its own unique area or space thanks to outdoor rug, composite decking, potted plants and outdoor rug. 

how to build a custom deck

Repurposed Old Tires

Tires are big and it can get challenging to dispose of them because most garbage collectors refuse to collect them. So, why not put them to work in your backyard?

Recycled tires are not only accessible but very cheap. You can purchase them for cheap at any scrap yard or recycling facilities. However, many people are happy to give them out for free.

Here are some low-cost backyard composite decking ideas you can do with tires.

Vertical gardening

Do you plan on gardening in your backyard but lack the space or funds to do just that? Try vertical gardening!

Vertical gardening is simply a technique of cultivating crops vertically or upwards. A vertical garden is a low-cost garden option if you have a small backyard. With this type of garden, you can maximise your backyard space while saving cost, especially if you use durable, low maintenance materials like composite decking boards.

Use colour

A splash of colour may be just what your backyard needs to stand out.

You can achieve a Colourful backyard by painting planters to add a modern touch to your garden. Also, your backyard accessories like chairs and tables will require a lick of paint from time to time. Also, vibrant flowers can be positioned around your deck to add colour to your yard.

Construct an Outdoor Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great way of creating an atmosphere of togetherness and unity for the whole family. But there is no need to hire a contractor to install one; all it takes is a quick drive to the home improvement store and shop for materials like concrete bowls, fire pits and block caps.

Tree planting

Tree planting is the simplest and most affordable way of improving your backyard. To plant the tree, you only need trees, mulches and tools for excavation. Furthermore, trees around your backyard (especially when they are well-planned) are cost-saving in the long run.

Planting trees with shade is a wise and sensible way of improving the comfort of your yard while saving cost.  Simply put, trees are an excellent investment.

Make Use of Low-Cost Lighting

Outdoor lighting is key to a budget-friendly backyard design. Any deck backyard can be transformed into a relaxing spot with soothing outdoor light. Some examples of cheap backyard lights are twinkle lights, globe lights and string lights. 


The most cost-effective decking option for your backyard is a composite decking board. It is low-maintenance, weatherproof, stylish and durable. The hassle-free nature of this decking option can save you thousands of pounds. Composite decking boards can be repurposed into planters and even furniture.