Your house is an investment you can sculpt into something you can be proud of. Expressing individuality and interests are the biggest perks of owning a house!

Making a custom deck is a great way to enjoy the summer and showcase this individuality. From the materials to the design, a custom deck shows off what you want your house to be.

Eager to set out on your deck building journey? Summer relaxation awaits, let’s get down to it.  

how to build a custom deck

Custom Deck Designs To Consider

When putting together a custom deck, you have a few things to consider. The biggest one is what kind of design you want your deck to have. 

While design can mean a lot of things, there are 3 major design points to start with. From these 3 design areas, you can expand into material type and other detail flourishes. 

1. The Indoor Deck

The indoor deck is a nice patio area that can have a screen of some sort to protect you from the summer weather and insects. 

This screen can range from wood paneling to fiber mesh. Often times there is some sort of connection to the outside, such as windows, doors, or even open slats in the walls. 

This kind of deck is perfect for those who want a bit of protection from the harsher heat while still enjoying what summer has to offer. 

2. The Outlook

The outlook design has a focus on an overlooking view. This often comes with elevating the deck over whatever outside area you have, such as a backyard or wide field.

The outlook can range from a second-story deck to a simple upraise of the deck above ground. Due to the height, you will need a set of stairs, which can give you more options for unique addons and flourishes. 

3. The Garden Path

The garden path is a deck that blends right into your garden. This can mean meandering stone paths that blind right into the deck, more plants in the deck itself, and a wide-open view of the immediate area. 

Designing the garden paths to work in tandem with seating areas of the deck can make for a beautiful and seamless area to enjoy a quiet summer day with. 

Materials You Need

Decks can come in all sorts of materials, but certain materials fit certain areas. 

For raised decks, you will want to go towards lighter materials such as wood. For a flatter, in-ground decks, you can turn to sturdier materials like stone.

Consider how the material works with your house. Your deck can look seamless with the same material your house has, or it can stand out with a sharp contrasting material. The choice is yours! 

DIY vs. Professional Service

With the materials chosen and design in mind, you need to get to work. The choice then becomes how much of this you want to do yourself and how much you will need professional help with. 

The DIY approach can be great if are handy with tools, but remember that your time and effort are valuable. As such, getting a professional to help craft your custom decks can save you a world of frustration and worry.  If you’ve opted to do-it-yourself, then the best framing nailer is a must-have tool to collect.

Making Your House a Home

A custom deck is a great project and a great showcase of your beautiful home. With the right planning and help, it can be a beautiful mark on your home-owning career. 

Outside of your custom deck, there is still so much design and tweaking to look forward to with your home. For all your other household design needs, we here at Interior Designs Hub has what you need.