When building your dream home, you must have come across plenty of things to give it a modern look. One such is cable railings, which are in high demand due to their durability and stylish looks.

It has many more benefits, which make it worth the price. One can find varieties under it to give a dreamy look to their home. But many people remain confused with its overall costs and installation process.

Cable railings consist of vertical or horizontal cables replaced by spindles, glass, and others. They can be used for multiple purposes as they possess to offer unobstructed views.

They are suitable for decks or terraces due to being thick and for providing panoramic views. These give a sleek and modern look to commercial spaces.

The best thing about it is that cable railings do not need regular maintenance and a simple installation process. In this article, we will discuss more about our cable railing, worth the price or not.

cable railings cost price

Closer look to cable railings.

Cable railings are vital as they get through hard tension applied at the end of cables. It needs to be vital to withstand the force and load used to it. They blend perfectly with the shape and colors of the furniture.

Cable railings have rigid frames consisting of stainless steel, aluminum, and wood. It requires to be rigid to prevent the four spheres from passing through them. They are highly corrosion resistant, which makes them suitable for coastal areas.

Cable railing mounting

Cable railings also give a more significant look to the small deck and provide safety without blocking the views. The cables possess good flexibility to avoid any slippage.

The installation needs to be right without any chance of error. It’s essential to space out the intermediates properly with no more than 5 or 3 ft as they play a significant role.

These parts provide mountings to the rails of the top with the help of holes. It helps to provide support for cables as they pass through them. The end fittings hold the whole system together and can be used by both tensioning and non-tensioning fittings depending upon the building codes.

Cable railings costs

The cost of cable railings depends on various factors like the materials used or tools needed for installation—usually, it’s twice the price compared with standard deck rails. But to lower the cost, go for discounts when its demand is low or try DIY methods to install them yourself.

It could cost you approximately $75-$220 per foot, depending on the number of the run of your cable. Pre-existing woods can be a budget-friendly option. You can also look for pre-cut, pre-drilled, or ready to install cable railings.

With aluminum usage, one can cut the cost by about $110-150 per linear foot, which will make about a 30% difference.

Which cable railings to go for

Many people also go for a combination of wood and cable railings as it gives a warm look to your stairs for indoor or outdoor use. They can also be paired with steel frames and other designs or remain simple to provide a chic look.

They have been the first choice for an open floor plan to offer a spacious look into it. But stainless steel gives you strength and durability while being environmentally friendly, especially for outdoor projects.

It could easily last in areas with high traffic or sea-oil. It costs approximately $150 per post for around 300 stainless steel.

How to cut the cost

A smart rule while planning for your cable railing is to corner add cost. The cable that directly goes through the posts runs through the cable, holding each line’s tension.

This urges the need for cable railing hardware, which will increase the total budget of your railing costs. To avoid it, you can go through details between the glass railing guide and go along it.


The functionalities mentioned above makes cable railings worth the price. So if you are looking to get it fixed in your house, you need not think twice before doing it. Just choose the best blend with your interior to give a perfect look to your home.