Needless to say, a cleaner home is a healthy home! As such, you need to keep it as clean as you can. Unfortunately, it is easy said than done. Hence, a few rules will help you have a cleaner home.

Such include, having everything in its place, decluttering for at least ten minutes each day, cleaning utensils before retiring to bed, and clearing the table after use.  Other rules include obeying the cleaning routine and having the cleaning kit ready.

Let’s look at each of these rules plus a few more.

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Kids Manage Their Bedrooms

As a parent, ensure that each teenager and adult in your home is responsible for decluttering their bedrooms. Make it a rule and ensure everyone follows it. Nonetheless, you should set a good example by ensuring that yours, too, is clean and tidy.

Follow Cleaning Routines

Have a realistic cleaning routine. That is; one that is manageable according to your daily working schedules. Follow it to the later without postponing any tasks. Yes, let it be a rule.

You would rather seek help from a relative than miss it. Why? Missing it messes the next day’s routine. But, it is also recommended to get in touch with professionals like CleanZen cleaning service who can make the work more easier.

Clear the Table

Leaving used utensils on the table after a meal can really make your home dirty, unhygienic, and a breeding place for insects such as house flies. So, make it a rule, after every meal, clear the table immediately.

Why? If you do not clear the mess, you will definitely end up with more mess.

Waking Up, Make the Bed

cleaned bed

It takes just a minute or two to make your bed after waking up. Unbelievably, how your bed looks affect the look of your bedroom in a significant way. On the other hand, leaving the bed untidy can make you feel devastated in the evening after work.

Mop the Floor

Liquids, especially with small kids, spill on the floor all the time. Without mentioning the dangers they expose you to, they make the room dirty. Additionally, if you do not mop the floor immediately, there will be an odor in your home. Hence, mop the floor.

Clean Utensils before Sleeping

The moment you go to bed without cleaning utensils, you are inviting cockroaches in your home. These insects love dirty places. As such, soon, you will have stomach infections. The way to keep your home clean, especially the kitchen, is by washing utensils before sleeping.

Have a Cleaning Kit Ready

Without a doubt, from what we have already said, a cleaning kit is a must-have in your home if you want a cleaner home. It helps to prevent the postponement of cleaning duties. Also, tasks are easy when you use the right tools. Therefore, ensure essentials such as a vacuum cleaner, washing detergent, among others, ready all the time.

Declutter For Ten Minutes Daily

Ten minutes seems to be a short time until you utilize it well. Assuming you are two or three in the house, each of you spending ten minutes to declutter would definitely make your home tidy, clean, and attractive. So, yes, ten minutes could turn your dirty home around.

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