Maintaining a commercial space takes a lot of work, which is why most commercial spaces hire third-party cleaning companies to do the work. Outsourcing the cleaning is a great way to save up on cleaning costs, while still maintaining the spotless look of the area. 

Why Clean Commercial Spaces?

It is incredibly important to keep your commercial business clean and sanitized. Not only does cleaning clear out the dust from your place, it also ensures your area is free from germs, diseases, and pathogens that could make your customers sick. 

Besides for the obvious sanitary reasons, cleaning your commercial property will keep upkeep the look and feel of your place. Whether it be a restaurant, mall, resort, or any other commercial space open to customers, you would want to maintain the cleanliness and design of your property to be as pristine as when you first had the area built. 

Commercial cleaning will keep your space durable and presentable for years to come, preventing the effects of degradation and decay, particularly for organic materials like wood, natural stone, and organic fibers. These need special cleaning products to remove stains, as well as prevent damage to these materials. 

A commercial cleaning checklist would also be of great benefit to any commercial space as it includes all the areas that need to be cleaned daily. The checklist ensures that every area is part of the cleaning routine, so you won’t miss out sanitizing any space in your commercial property.

Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts in a Commercial Setting

  1. DO Clean Each Area Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Clean your commercial area regularly. Most areas in a commercial space experience high foot traffic daily, and are often littered with food wrappers, mud, debris, empty containers, and other general trash. Even dust particles, which are invisible to the naked eye, can cake onto these areas, and make them look unkempt. 

Organize your checklist depending on what you need to clean daily, which areas to clean weekly, and what needs to be deep cleaned once a month. This way, you can optimize the cleaning routine, and make maintenance easier for you and your staff. 

  1. DO Use Safe Cleaning Products

Commercial spaces see a large number of people from different backgrounds and households daily. Making sure your cleaning products are non-toxic and safe is one of the ways you can keep your space healthy. This is particularly important when you operate a commercial space catered towards children and pets. 

Day care centers, schools, arcades, pet hotels, dog parks, and other recreational facilities that allow children and pets to play around must use natural, non-toxic cleaning products in all their maintenance routines as you wouldn’t want to have accidental ingestion, chemical burn accidents, or other similar issues associated with your commercial space! 

  1. DON’T Deep Clean During Operating Hours

Cleaning your commercial space daily is a must, but avoid deep cleaning or doing maintenance tasks during operating hours – unless completely necessary, of course. The general rule is that if the cleaning disrupts any part of the business operations, it should not be done during operating hours. This is to keep your business flowing while scheduling your cleaning routine properly. 

That being said, any spills, mishaps, or cleaning tasks that need immediate attention are exempt from this rule as they are of concern to your customers’ well being. Avoid deep cleaning windows, waxing the floors, watering the grass, and other tasks that could possibly lead to accidents and slip-ups. Stick to regular cleaning like sweeping and vacuuming. 

  1. DON’T Leave Cleaning Implements Around

The number one rule in commercial cleaning is to never leave your cleaning products and implements unattended! This can lead to numerous accidents that could hold you liable for any light or serious injuries. Cleaning products and implements are not only chemically hazardous, but that toilet brush you left lying around can potentially cause someone to get sick. 

Always keep all cleaning implements in a specialized cleaning closet that is only accessible to cleaning staff. Unless these cleaning products are going to be used right away, keep them away from public reach, particularly around areas with children and pets who can potentially ingest them. Keep your commercial area safe, and keep your business flowing!