Besides their aesthetically pleasing look, premium durability and ultra-low maintenance, composite decking boards are among the most versatile wood alternatives.

Although they are generally known to be used for flooring, composite decking boards are also viable options for cladding your home and making sustainable furniture for indoor and outdoor purposes.

For the eco-conscious, composite materials are made from recycled plastic and wood fibre, so no harm is done to the environment. 

Many DIY individuals are getting more and more creative. Even though they do not know how to lay decking, they are using composite materials to build very useful furniture for the backyards and indoors.  There is a wide range of furniture you can construct from composite decking. You can decide to make in-built furniture from your garden deck or create furniture out of leftover composite decking boards.

Here, we will look at different types of furniture you can make from composite decking. Whether you have extra decking boards from your patio deck or you want to build home furniture afresh, here are some ideas to get you started.

how to build a custom deck

Outdoor Storage

You can create outdoor storage furniture from composite decking. The storage space can either be built into a deck or simply made with remnant decking boards.

Storage spaces like these can conveniently hide and hold your properties or some of the things you may need in hosting guests during outdoor parties.

You can also fix in drawers and internal spaces into furniture like this to hold cooking utensils, children’s toys and any other family belonging for picnics and other gatherings.

Rocking Chairs 

Rocking chairs can also be made out of composite decking. There are several ways you can style your rocking chair with wood composite to enjoy the outdoor areas and unwind in the gentle breeze of a summer evening.

Composite wood already comes in lovely and natural hues, but you can still paint them to suit how you want your rocking chair to look.

Dining Sets

There’s something about composite wood that makes laughter and conversation better when everyone’s seated on dining sets made from it.

You can make a dining set out of composite decking in a wide range of fade-resistant colours. The boards’ resilient and sturdy nature also makes them an ideal option for long-lasting dining tables and chairs.

Outdoor Furniture Sets

For those who love enjoying the outdoor scenery with friends and families, you can create furniture sets for your home’s exterior parts out of composite wood.

Create memories with your loved ones, host a feast and share a bottle of wine while enjoying the comfortable and durable composite material.

Your outdoor furniture set can stay outside all year round because wood composite can withstand the harshest weather conditions all year round.

Adirondack Chairs

You can also enjoy the sun’s warmth on your face while seated on low-slung Adirondack chairs made from composite wood.

With the slanted design, wide armrests that are at the perfect height and a slatted back, you can relax with a glass of lemonade and be rest assured of protection by the sturdy composite material.

Deep Seating Sets

Plush seats can also be made with composite wood. The sturdy nature of the material means you are assured of hours of full support whether you are lying on a sofa, lounging in a club chair or reclining on a settee. 


Another type of furniture you can make from composite decking boards is a table. Tables made out of wood composite are strong and can offer complete support.

Whether you are looking for a conventional table or one that looks stylish and elegantly built, you can style composite wood to suit your tastes.

Swings, Benches and Gliders

You can also create cosy and entertaining scenery in your backyard for yourself and the children with swings, gliders and benches made with composite wood.

This can make your outdoor, especially the garden a liveable space, while it remains a favourite destination for the young ones.

Chaise Lounges

Why not lounge in total bliss and comfort with stylish chaise lounges made from composite decking boards?

When it’s time to take a deserved break from your daily activities, you can do so with a glass of juice while kicking up your feet on the sturdy and resilient composite lumber.

The outdoor chaise lounge can also be made to be adjustable so you can enjoy optimum comfort with fantastic views in your leisure time.