As of 2019, solar installations in the US had surpassed two million. A figure that is steadily on the rise as more Americans embrace solar technology. 

Before you decide on solar panel installation, it’s wise to understand firmly what you’re getting into. There’s lots of information touting the benefits of solar panels, but is that all there is to it?

People say that it’s an investment when you go for solar power or any renewable energy because it gives you something in return but, of course, there are multiple angles that you have to look into before you hop on this eco-friendly trend.

Well, no, because there’s so much to know and consider about solar panels before installing them in your home. In this article, we’ll show you what to keep in mind before opting for solar panel installation.

important solar panel tips for homes

1. The Slope of Your Roof

Most experts agree that the best position for the panel is facing the south. While others claim that the West is a much more efficient position for the panel. Regardless of the panel’s position, your roof must slope to face either position.

However, this doesn’t mean that your solar panels won’t work. All this means is that solar panels won’t be as efficient on a flat roof when compared to a sloping roof. So if you own a flat roof, you should consider buying more solar panels to get your desired results or replacing your roof.

2. The State of Your Roof

Take care of your damaged roof first because if you do it later, you have to dismantle the solar panels from your roof. Also, you don’t want your roof to come crumbling down when the technicians are doing their job.

3. Your Roof’s Drainage

Components of the solar panels may interfere with the usual drainage of your roof. This is a common occurrence, but it doesn’t happen in all houses.

Sometimes apart from interfering with the drainage, the roof may also divert your normal water drainage, which makes the roof leak. If you have such concerns, then consider telling your contractor about them.

4. The Roof’s Bearing Capacity

Your roof must comfortably accommodate the weight of the technicians installing the panels. Your roof must also handle the weight of the solar panels, especially if you settle for the larger variants.

To know your roof’s bearing capacity, ask your contractor or get a civil engineer to do the math for you.

5. Where You Buy Your Solar Panels

Buy solar panels from reputable and accredited solar panel installers. That’s because some companies may sell you low-quality panels at a high price.

So before getting the solar panels, do some homework on where you get your solar panels from for a good purchase.

Know Your Stuff Before You Get Solar Panels Installation

If you’ve been thinking about solar panels installation for your home, then hopefully, you know what to keep in mind before getting them.

If you consider all these factors, you won’t regret your decision, especially after you save so much on utility bills each year.

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