The construction industry employs a lot of people. When general contractors take on construction projects, they hire subcontractors or specialists to help them meet the project’s timelines.

Some contractors specialize and take on plumbing, masonry work, electrical work or any other field. Before a construction project is finalized, at least 22 subcontractors are involved in different aspects of the project. 

Instead of having a generalist carry out tasks in a project, contractors subcontract the work to different types of subcontractors. Fields such as electrical work and plumbing require special skills and these specialists go through college and get certified.

When contractors are vetting different types of subcontractors, therefore, they consider whether these subcontractors are licensed or not. Below is a list of types of subcontractors in construction. 

10 Different Types of Subcontractors in Construction


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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning subcontractors are involved with the mechanical installation of HVAC devices in the home. They work with electricians to determine the location of HVAC systems and to install them for a building to be completely functional at closeout.

If a subcontractor can do heating, air conditioning, and plumbing, they are referred to as mechanical contractors. In some cases, HVAC systems are installed by electricians who double as HVAC specialists. 


Plumbers are involved with laying pipes and water supply fixtures in the house. The work of a plumber starts when a building starts seeing that pipes in a home will run through walls and ceilings. At every stage of the construction, a plumber comes in and lays their pipes.

Once they have the pipes in all the right places, they can then add the plumbing fixtures and appliances such as water filters including countertop water filter, sinks, faucets, toilet bowls, showers, bathtubs, water heaters, and any other element in a house that is related to water.

In short, the plumber does the final touches on a project, but they have to be there all along.


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Electricians carry out electrical work in a building. As construction continues, the electrician does wires a house to ensure each room is supplied with electricity.

Some of the electrical work they do include installing lights, backup generator, electrical fixtures and much more. In some instances, they also install major electrical appliances in the house, such as water heaters.

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Masonry and Tile-Setting

A mason lays bricks on the house. This is one among many types of subcontractors in the construction industry who is there when the project starts and will stay up to almost the project closeout phase.

The work of a mason is simple and straightforward; they lay bricks, add mortar, and move on to the next brick. However, they might also set tiles in a house. Tile setting involves laying tiles in their correct patterns in a home.

Some masons double as tile setters while others specialize in either laying bricks or setting tiles.


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Carpenters deal with anything that involves wood. As such, they will make cabinets in the kitchen and the bathroom, inbuilt cloth cabinets and wardrobes in bathrooms, roof (when a wooden roof is involved), and make outdoor building elements that involve wood.

The work of a carpenter, in most cases, starts when the work of a mason end. For instance, to do a kitchen and bathroom cabinet, the walls in these rooms need to be complete. If wooden floors are needed, carpenters build them.

Concrete Workers

While masons lay bricks, concrete workers do all other jobs that involve concrete. In most cases, they lay the foundation for a building and the foundation after each floor.

They also build the pillars that hold a house firmly. Concrete workers work together with masons to create the walls and the stories of a building.


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Roofers add the roof of a building. Roofing is done by metal or wood specialists. In case the roof is made of lumber trusses, a carpenter who specializes in roofing will do the job. If the roof is made of metallic trusses, a welder specializing in roofs will get the job done.


If there are special technological features to be installed in a building, a technology expert is involved. These are common in particular buildings and job sites such as manufacturing halls, hospitals, computer firms, and any other structure that might require unique technological installations.

In some cases, the technology subcontractors work in the job site to manage or the technical aspects of the construction.

They are the types of subcontractors who will manage digital invoices and other digital elements of a project.

Countertop Installers

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Because countertops are special, contractors hire countertop installers to get the countertops right. Some contractors make the mistake of allowing the mason or carpenter to install countertops in the kitchen or in the bathroom. When wrongly installed, countertops are exposed to the risk of breaking.

Instead of allowing generalists to install a countertop, you can have specialists from the store that sold you the countertop install your countertops. This way, you are guaranteed that your Caesarstone quartz countertop will last for long. 


A landscaper designs your outdoor living space. Whatever effect you need to have for your outdoor living space, be it a serene environment, a garden or a vintage fireplace surrounding by flowery plants, a landscaper will do that.

Landscapers design features on your yard, but they might hire people such as masons to create these features.

For instance, after creating a functional and beautiful outdoor space, they might hire a mason to build a water fountain. They are one among other types of subcontractors in construction who come into a project after the closeout period. 


There are different types of subcontractors needed in a construction project. The types of subcontractors you hire for a project need to be specialists.

In a construction project for a building that goes from design up, the contractor is responsible for vetting types of subcontractors. In small remodeling projects at home, you choose specialist types of subcontractors in construction to get the job done.