A good desk is essential if you’re working from home, but what to do if space is an issue? Small homeowners and renters might find it hard to fit in a big workstation without giving up much needed space. This is why a corner desk is a wonderful idea.

By utilizing the often underrated space in the corners of a room, you can create a private and functional space with enough surface and storage. Any room with a corner desk will feel nothing less than a real office. 

Style, of course, is of paramount importance too. In smaller spaces especially, it’s important to have furniture that blends well together and a design that makes the space look cohesive.

Bush Furniture is a leading name in furniture, especially home office solutions. Every piece is created keeping style, functionality, and affordability in mind. Let’s look into the various designs offered to choose your new amazing corner desk.

Classic and Traditional

A classic style will never be out of vogue, and a wonderful corner desk in a traditional style would complement any interior with effortless ease. For a timeless piece of office furniture, check out the stunning Yorktown Collection by Bush Furniture. 

Available in many attractive finishes, some of the corner desk models in this collection are just what you need to keep a vintage, distinguished style in your home office while enjoying enough space and storage. The built-in drawers on some of the models available in this collection are perfect to keep your files and work essentials always in place.

Another gorgeous collection to check out is Cabot by Bush Furniture. Classic and professional, this collection includes corner desks that are highly functional and practical, such as some corner desks with hutch. The shape of this corner desk allows for more work surface, while the hutch adds plenty of space not only to store your work essentials but also to display your favorite objects or little plants on the shelves.

Modern Farmhouse 

To add a touch of farmhouse style to your home, the Salinas Bush Furniture Collection is just what you need. With a vast array of furniture for any room, this collection is just perfect to add functional pieces to your interior and give your home a casual feel.

This gorgeous collection includes L-shaped and corner desks that are wonderful to optimize space and keep all your belongings organized in one place. The ample surface of L-shaped desks is perfect for those who don’t like getting distracted by having to get up to look for work essentials, manuals, and papers around the office in the middle of work. The shape of these desks allows you to comfortably work all day with everything at hand. 

Some models include built-in storage, while others can be complemented by a gorgeous additional lateral file cabinet or a bookshelf.

If space is an issue, check out the beautiful Townhill Collection by Bush Furniture. The desks offered in this collection are extremely compact, utilizing the space in your corner to give you a sufficient work surface without taking up space in the room.

Simple and Linear

If you’re into linear and practical design and don’t care about frills, check out the Wheaton Collection by Bush Furniture. Corner desks in this collection are so universal and versatile, they will look good in any interior, even the smallest apartments. 

Choose among a vast array of enticing finishes to get the perfect corner desk for your home.