A crawl space inspection can cost some money. Although it’s not usually extremely expensive, it can be difficult for some homeowners to justify the cost. After all, most people don’t go into their crawl spaces, and that means it can be difficult to understand exactly what the benefit is of maintaining a clean and clear crawl space.

Does it make financial sense to inspect your crawl space? Here’s the financially-based argument for inspecting your crawl space.

The Financial Impact of Not Inspecting Your Crawl Space

When you make an argument to yourself that the cost of inspecting your crawl space won’t pay off, you’re unfortunately ignoring that there may be a financial impact to not inspecting your crawl space.

You might not be thinking about it right now, but what about in five years?

If you have a problem right now, you need to handle it right now. Otherwise, that problem could spiral into something much larger and much more serious, which can end up causing a significant problem in your home.

That problem could be extremely expensive to fix in the future, which means you’re wasting money by not inspecting your crawl space right now.

Creepy Things Found in Crawl Spaces

On top of the financial impact, there are actually creepy things you might find in a crawl space that you wouldn’t otherwise think about. Finding these things under your crawl space can let you get rid of these creepy things once and for all.

Animals are an unfortunately common creepy thing to find under your home. Not only are animals creepy in and of themselves, but living animals can also reproduce, which can fill your crawl space quickly. Plus, animals can bring with them serious diseases and illnesses, which can be a huge problem. These are a sampling of the creepy things some people have found under their crawl spaces:

What about plants? You might not think of plants as being very scary, but that means you probably aren’t thinking of the type of plants that grow in a crawl space. These plants can cause health concerns and structural problems in your home:

Criminal activity is something else you might see in a crawl space, and that’s nothing if not creepy. True, it’s most common to see these things in your crawl space if you’re already deeply involved in criminal activities, but that doesn’t mean upright citizens are inherently unable to find criminal items in their crawl spaces.

You could find any of these creepy criminal items under your home:

Those living in historical areas might want to keep an especially close eye on their crawl spaces. Many homes in these areas are decades or even centuries old.

Besides just having the potential for structural issues, these historical possibilities could be a great reason for you to look under your home and check on the crawl space:

Some people believe in the paranormal, and believe that paranormal creatures could live in the crawl space.

It makes sense; crawl spaces typically don’t have a lot of people hanging out in the area, and ghosts seem to prefer to hang around lesser-trafficked areas. These paranormal creatures could be in your crawl space:

Lastly are structural concerns. These structural concerns could cause serious problems both now and in the future. In fact, structural issues could be the creepiest thing in your crawl space — creepier than bugs and paranormal creatures.

If you have foundation problems or any of these other concerns, a crawl space inspection could actually pay for itself. By averting the need to pay for even more fixes in the future, you’re actually saving money with a crawl space inspection.

Clearly, scheduling a crawl space inspection isn’t just a good idea; it’s the most financially smart decision you could make about your crawl space.