The home’s facade is what usually greets you every day when you get home or when you have guests over. No matter how humble the abode is, it pays to spruce the outside and spend as much time upgrading things just as you would on the interior. Whether you’re preparing the house to sell or you want to it to look nice and cozy can mean hours of toil, effort, and sometimes, a lot of cash.

Fortunately, there are ways you can make the curb look more appealing without trading an arm and a leg for it. An amazing-looking house is subjective, and it boils down to taste. Read below for low-cost or simple improvements that are doable on your own.

Mend Small Things

There are several factors that contribute to the eventual wear and tear of the house. The weather and usage are some of those things that can result in burned-out bulbs, chipped paint, and even broken glass. Take some time to mend the little things because these are some of the easiest things to fix.

Curb Appeal: Add a Pop of Color

There are many ways you can go about making your curb looking fresher, and one of them is to repaint your house to add a pop of color. It can be an overwhelming project if you plan to just do it by yourself. You don’t have to repaint the entire house if it’s not needed. Start small by repainting the door, the window frames, or adding accent colors.

Curb Appeal Tip: Put New Hardware

Hardware pertains to light fixtures, entry doorknob and lockset, house numbers, and mailboxes just to name a few. If it looks like these items have seen better days, replace them with new ones but make sure the current ones match your home’s aesthetic

Landscape Lighting Matters

There’s no sense in cleaning the front yard, repainting the roof or the entire house, and adding more plants if they can’t be seen under the cover of darkness. It pays to have nighttime lighting, and it means more than just a solitary hanging light by the entryway. Choosing the right landscape lighting can have a huge impact on the nighttime curb appeal.

When choosing lights, invest in quality brands like FX Luminaire. It has a 10-year warranty on its lighting products, so you know that it will last long. You can also go for solar-powered ones if you don’t want to deal with wiring, but it won’t be as sturdy, as stable, or as attractive aerospace-grade fixtures.

Add Grass/Mow Strip Along The Curb

A patch of green instantly makes a curb more appealing. If you already have grass, make sure to mow it every week to make it look more manicured. You should also keep the grass well watered during the summer so it looks fresh and healthy despite the heat.

On other times, take care to rake off fallen leaves or pull some weeds. If a grass lawn is not possible where you live, you can try other alternatives that are low-maintenance and less costly as well.

Power-Wash Walkways

After years and years of being in use, your porches, walkways, and driveway may not look the same as they did on the day you had them. They may be covered in grime and dirt and look a little less than appealing. Instead of getting on all fours and scrubbing them clean manually, hire or rent a power washer to strip off all the gunk and make the walkways look like new again.

Add Outdoor Artwork or Furniture

Your yard can look more improved by adding pieces of outdoor artwork. Choose a central piece that goes well with existing aesthetic, and if there is more space, add more to complement it. Examples of artworks include weather-resistant sculptures and birdbaths. 

If you like functionality, opt for outdoor furniture instead. Small yards can benefit from a mini seating set or a swing. Bigger yards can have a firepit or a place to have a barbecue.

Know the Basics of Curb Maintenance

Maintainenance is one of the most crucial responsibilities to have as a homeowner. You can go a long way with maintaining the house a bit every week than waiting to repair what will eventually break. Additionally, you save more money with maintenance in the long run.