Porcelain tile is one of the best choices for the kitchen and bathroom. It is less porous and is more durable and water-resistant than standard ceramic tile.

Porcelain attracts visitors’ eyes due to its intense aesthetic value. However, it takes a little bit of effort in its installation, from design to its setting, when cutting remains one of the most critical parts of your project.

Since porcelain is somewhat different from standard ceramic, you need to learn specifically about how to cut porcelain tile. This article aims to put forth different methods of cutting porcelain tiles and some useful tips that will help you cut porcelain tiles like a pro. 

Cutting Porcelain Tile with a Wet Saw

There are different types and methods for cutting porcelain tile. Starting from a wet saw, you will get across other good porcelain tile cutters and tools.

Wet saws are suitable for thick materials to cut. A wet saw leaves, in my opinion, the smoothest, clean, and accurate cuts. It is not very difficult to learn to cut porcelain tiles with a wet saw. Just go across the tips and cut like a pro:

how to cur porcelain tiles

How to Cut Porcelain with Drill Bits

Drill bits are basically used for making circular shapes on various kinds of materials. You can make smaller and circular shapes on a porcelain tile with a drill bit. It creates clean holes that are fit for screws and pipes. 

Drill bits are easy to use as long as you are aware of the proper method of using them when you need to make smaller and circular shapes on a porcelain tile.

First of all, you need to put the tile on a supportive surface as you want to avoid damages. Mark the specific points where you want to drill at. Cover the marked area to prevent chips. Gently start drilling, you will get your intended cut.    

Cutting Porcelain with a Tile Nipper

Tile Nipper is another tool for cutting porcelain. When you need to make arched or circular cuts, you have a tile nipper to do it. A wet saw may not be the ideal tool to make those smaller cuts. Here is how to cut porcelain with a tile nipper.

Cutting Porcelain with a Grinder

An angle grinder can form multiple shapes, including circles and an L-shape. 

How to cut porcelain with a Tile Cutter

Although porcelain is a type of ceramic, it has some differences from standard ceramic. A manual tile cutter is basically used to cut traditional ceramic tiles. But some porcelain tiles, depending on texture, can be cut by a standard tile cutter. 

Cutting tile with a tile cutter isn’t tricky. Just follow the guidelines. 

Standard tile cutter has a guide to help you cut along the line you draw. You have to adjust and lock it before you place the tile in an accurate position. After you place the tile, push down the cutter and slide it across the drawn line. When the cutter touches the other end, press upon it. You will get your tile divided into two pieces.

Safety Considerations

You need to follow safety measures to avoid any accidents while using various tools. Here are some safety tips you should take into consideration.

It’s time to rip porcelain tiles!

Every method of cutting porcelain tile that I’ve discussed above has its pros and cons. It’s up to you to choose among the tools and techniques based on your project and the budget. I Hope, the article has given you a decent idea about how to cut porcelain tile with different tools. 

Acuminate your crafty hands in cutting porcelain tiles!