Have your ever encountered kitchen cabinets whose major highlight is a rustic weathered wood appearance? Well, these cabinet varieties are referred to as distressed kitchen cabinets, thanks to their iconic distressed appearance. 

While they are signature features of country-style kitchen interiors, distressed cabinets are very common in contemporary homes. In this article, we aim to uncover obvious facts about these drawers, including how to work with them in achieving any interior design. 

Keep reading to find out whether distressed cabinets are a perfect kitchen remodel idea. 

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Features that Define Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

As explained by their simplistic appearance, distressed cabinet designs are inspired by country or traditional fashion. The simple design features that define these drawers date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. 

These features include the following; 

Generally speaking, the majority of distressed kitchen cabinets, both traditional and modern varieties, come with minimal detailing in terms of decorative accessories. Typically, their attractiveness stands out based on their angular designs, flat-recessed doors, and natural wood material component and not extraneous detailing as is the case of many cabinetry designs, especially modern-style cabinetries. 

Unlike a myriad of contemporary-style cupboards, distressed kitchen cabinets seem to be crafted for functional rather than aesthetic reasons. This is because their simple features are more inclined on enhancing their practical values than visual attractiveness. For example, their natural wood finishes make them resilient against the harshness of kitchen traffic. 

Regardless of whether you leave them in weathered wood countenance or paint them, distressed cabinets will serve you longer than you imagined, thanks to the fact that their defining material, natural wood, is stronger, longer-lasting, and easy to work with. 

In reflecting the source of their inspiration, distressed cabinetry designs feature open-layout designs, typically highlighted by open-shelved cabinets. Because of their open-layout designs, distressed cabinets can easily transform a small-sized interior to look expansive, which is a fact that continues to make them popular among contemporary homeowners. 

Presently, many homeowners are going for cabinets with open-layout designs, a phenomenon that is swiftly catapulting the popularity of distressed kitchen cabinets. According to many contemporary homeowners, open-layout cabinet designs are exceptionally functional, attractive, and easier to work with. 

Benefits of Installing Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Now that you know the distinguishing attributes of cabinets with distressed appearance, you should discover what you can enjoy if you choose to make them the aesthetic design highlight of your kitchen. 

According to interior designers, you will enjoy the following if you fix distressed cabinets inside your cookhouse. 

#1: Access to Multiple Interior Design Options

The fact that distressed kitchen cabinets match both traditional and modern visual aesthetics should be good news to anyone seeking to make them a design highlight of their kitchen. Whether you want to craft a modern-style or traditional-looking kitchen interior, there are multiple ways to achieve your preferred interior design with distressed cabinetry designs. 

According to interior designers, alternating between different kitchen interior designs based on fashion changes is an effortless affair for any homeowner with distressed cabinets inside their pantry. Because they rhyme with multiple décor materials, colors, and interior design styles, distressed cabinets provide unperturbed access to multiple interior design options, which is one proven benefit of making them part of your kitchen’s interior design aesthetics. 

#2: Convenience 

Besides the fact that they provide unlimited access to multiple interior design options, distressed kitchen cabinets are beneficial in terms of convenience of usage. These cupboards are not only easier to clean and maintain but also beautify. Whether you choose to accessorize them or rather, leave them with their generic simplistic appearance, distressed kitchen cupboards will transform your kitchen in terms of visual attractiveness and functionality. 

As far as finding them is concerned, distressed kitchen cabinets are easier to find and are sold at the fairest prices compared to a myriad of cabinet varieties. You can easily find these drawers in ready-to-assemble (RTA) or fully assembled formats on multiple online shopping platforms. 

#3: Value for Money

Interior designers continue to champion the fact that homeowners with distressed cabinets enjoy better value for their money compared to homeowners with other cabinetry designs. This is all because of the unequaled reputation distressed cabinets hold regarding toughness against tear and wear. 

Because of their typical natural wood material components, cabinets with distressed appearance can withstand any kind of kitchen traffic and conceal all marks of tear and wear to stay looking good for as long as possible. In this regard, they can undoubtedly help you avoid wasting your hard-earned money on kitchen remodel projects. 

Are Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Trending in 2023? 

As already mentioned, distressed cabinets are presently design highlights of many kitchens, both classic and modern styles. In 2023, these drawers have consistently featured among top-trending cabinetry designs. 

Here are the notable reasons why these drawers are trending this year. 

  1. The Return of Classic Trends

While contemporary cabinet designs continue to rock the world of kitchen interior design, classic trends are making major comebacks, as expressed by the un-ignorable return of classic cabinetry designs, including farmhouse and shaker-style kitchen cabinets. The more modern homeowners are getting attracted to classic fashion, the more the popularity of classic-style drawers, including the likes of distressed kitchen cabinets continues to surge. 

  1. Compatibility with Multiple Interiors

Besides the fact that classic cabinetry designs are on their way back to fashion, distressed cabinets are presently trending courtesy of their ability to match a wide range of kitchen interior designs, from traditional to modern trends. Because they are compatible with different interior designs, distressed cupboards are convenient and cost-effective to work with in interior design, which is a fact that is bound to make them the favorite cabinetry designs of all types of homeowners. 

Are Distressed Cabinets Good Kitchen Remodel Idea? 

Of course yes! As we have already noted, distressed cabinets are exceptionally convenient, especially in terms of ease of cleaning, maintenance, and styling. Moreover, distressed kitchen cabinets match all interior designs, a fact that justifies the ease of working with them in interior design. The fact that they are easier to access and are built to last longer than any other cabinetry design makes distressed cabinets ideal kitchen remodel ideas. 


If you have been searching for a cost-effective and convenient strategy for updating the outlook of your pantry, simply go for cabinets with a distressed appearance. Distressed kitchen cabinets are defined by a natural appearance that blends well with all colors and material textures. They are durable, easier to handle, and uniquely cost-effective, all of which are attributes that make them ideal for a pocket-friendly kitchen remodel project.