Do you own your own home? Do you find yourself constantly at battle with pesky pests? There are some steps that you can take to help fight unwanted pest infestations. 

Keep reading to learn more about do it yourself pest control and put an end to unwanted critters getting in your home.

1. Clear the Clutter

One of the first things that you should do when tackling a pest problem is to inspect the outside of your home for any piles of brush, abandoned lawn equipment or other items, and tree branches that might be touching your house.

These types of problems are very inviting to bugs which might like to make a home out of it or use it as a way to enter your home. 

Next, draw your attention to inside your home. Make sure your home is clean and free from left out or spilled food and the garbage is taken out routinely. Food that is left out is very enticing for ants or rodents and they will continue to come if they know there is a regular source.

Then, check inside the garage for any cardboard boxes that need to be sorted out and removed. Cardboard boxes are optimal for cockroaches and the dark, warm climate of the garage is their favorite place to start a colony. 

2. Check for Gaps

Once you have gotten your interior and exterior of the house sorted out it is time to check the foundation and siding for any gaps that might be allowing critters to get in.

Using a mirror, check along the underside of the siding for any gaps and then mark the spot with masking tape so you can find it later. 

Once you have checked the entire exterior of your home go back to your marks, and using a screwdriver, stuff copper mesh into the holes.

Leave about a half an inch of space between the mesh and the end of the siding and then fill it with some expanding foam sealant. If you have smaller holes or gaps, you should fill them with acrylic latex caulk.  

3. Set Out Traps

If you still have pests that are remaining on the inside of your home, you can place some traps out to get rid of the infestation inside.

Place ant traps along any ant trails that you have noticed, and replace them often until you don’t see any more ants. The ants leave a pheromone trail so they will continue to follow the trail until the pheromones are also gone. 

Rodents can be a bigger problem, especially if you don’t know how to get rid of rats or mice that have taken residence in your walls. For this issue, you should contact a professional who can get rid of the infestation safely and effectively. 

Learn More About Do it Yourself Pest Control Today!

These are some basic do it yourself pest control tips that can help get you started today. Start by cleaning up the clutter inside and around your house, then check for gaps where pests can make it inside and set out traps to kill the pests that are in your home. 

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