The summer is here and that means you might be prone to blasting the A/C around the home. After all, it’s no fun to be sweating inside your own home! Many Americans spend more on energy during the warmer months.

However, this comfort can often come at the expense of your energy bill. Energy bills can get quite steep in the summer, leaving many families trying to find other alternative ways to save energy at home.

Luckily, there are many DIY projects you can take on yourself to help improve the energy efficiency of your home. What are some of the best out there? Read on and we’ll walk you through a few of our favorites.


1. Build a Drying Rack

One of the appliances that uses the most energy in your home is likely your dryer. However, you can’t stop washing your clothes just to cut down on energy costs! 

A great compromise and fun DIY project are to build your own drying rack for your home. This way, you can wash your clothes and then avoid using the dryer altogether. If you can continue to skip the dryer over many weeks, the bottom line of your energy bill might start to look a lot more pleasant. 

There are other benefits as well. While a dryer is an efficient way to handle your clothes, they often can end wrinkled or even shrunken. You won’t run into this issue if you allow your clothes to dry on a rack.

This is a relatively simple construction project that won’t force you to pull your hair out either. Once you’ve built your rack, you might decide you never want to go back to the dryer again? 

2. Insulate Your Windows

If you’re taking on DIY projects to help save energy, your mind should travel to the places in the home where the most energy is wasted. In most cases, that will be your windows.

Unfortunately, window installation mistakes are far too common. Even the smallest mistakes in installation can allow leakage between your home and the outside world. That means cool air escaping in the summer and heat escaping in the winter.

That means a great deal of more money and energy put towards attempting to regulate the temperature in your home.

Doing some extra insulation work on your own can be a great idea. You can even use something as cheap and affordable as bubble wrap to insulate your windows, granted that you don’t mind the appearance.

3. Improve Lighting Around The Home

If you haven’t taken the time to change the light bulbs in your home, you’re missing one of the easiest DIY energy-saving solutions out there. Switching your bulbs over to lower wattage LED or CFL bulbs can help reduce energy spend and even help to make your house a little cooler.

You can also look into increasing the presence of natural light in your home, which can help you avoid turning lights on during the day. 

While installing a skylight probably isn’t DIY realistic, you can change curtains and rearrange rooms to help provide better sources of natural light.

DIY Projects to Save Energy at Home

If your energy bill is causing you to pull your hair out, you might want to take on a few DIY projects to help combat this frustrating rise in cost. The above projects are just a few ideas that can help you to save energy at home.

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