There can be various reasons for flooding in your home, a massive rainfall flooding your basement, or sewer backups are the major culprits.

This can cause electrical issues, structural damage to the house as well the water damage to the household items in that flooded area.

This condition warrants immediate water extraction. This is where water removal and extraction services come into picture. They are required for the removal of water that is stored using commercial grade equipment. 

Standing water removal from houses and properties is called emergency water extraction.

This is done to reduce the damage to the house from the damage that water can do when left there for extended periods of time. Reasons like health risk due to mold growth and permanent unrestorable damage to household objects make it very important to get the water extracted as soon as possible.

home flooding clean up

Water extraction is not as easy as using a pump to pump out the standing water till there is no water left.

There are steps that need to be followed so that there is minimum damage. The steps that are followed by professionals can include the following.

Even after all that can be done has been done, there might be some objects that have to be thrashed for good.

Excessive water damage can permanently damage an object, especially electrical appliances. Problem with flooded water is that there are generally many other types of substances dissolved in that water, making it more potent for damage to objects compared to tap water. 

The process to extract emergency water has improved a lot during the past few years, but the best way to mitigate the damage is to act fast. The process to contact a company for water restoration is also very simplified.

The company also needs to inspect and assess the damage in the house; hence it might be extra time in which water is stagnated.

Though, this time for inspection and assessment cannot be reduced, it can be hastened if the report is done as soon as possible.

After the entire process, the company does restoration process which involves dehumidifying the house, drying the carpets and rugs, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and cleaning and other damages that come with water stagnation.  

The entire process might take some time, along with all the repairs and odor removal and deodorization. Care should be taken while your house is undergoing water extraction.