Engine Hoists are tools useful for hauling out vehicle engines. They are used mostly in mechanic repair shops to install or lift out vehicle engines, to move a heavy objects from one point to another.

It possesses a knock-down design that allows for easy transportation and storage.

The major importance of using engine hoists is to raise or lower engines and other heavy objects.

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Engine Hoists helps in safely installing or lifting out engines, reducing the risk of  work hazards like the engine falling-off, thus, providing a firm grip on the engine in the process hauling for repairs.

Energy Hoists helps in efficiently lifting and moving not just vehicle engines, but other heavy equipment from one point to another.

They are the right tools to needed to execute the job of lifting heavy equipments than the use of human strength which is a nearly impossible task.

Sunbelt Tools Rental Program | Engine Hoist Rental

Sunbelt Rental promises availability, reliability and ease in tool rentals. It boats of a wide range of tool and equipment you need to get the job done perfectly.

It is important to note that not all Sunbelt Rentals stores provide rental for engine hoists. However, engine hoists are available at most of its store locations in the United States and Canada. 

One medium to ascertain its availability is using the store directory option on the official site, which will in turn help you to locate the Sunbelt Rental store near you with your prefered engine hoist rental. 

Engine Hoist | Rent Vs Buy | Sunbelt Equipment Rental Program

Renting or buying an Engine Hoist from Sunbelt Rental depends on the nature of your job, the frequency of its use among others. Sunbelt rental is a one-stop source for next level services and solutions.

If for private use or a one-time job or for private repairs, it is advisable to rent the engine hoist from Sunbelt Rentals as its need is minimal, thus, helping you to save more. This is because renting an engine hoist from Sunbelt, saves you the cost of storing and maintaining the equipment. 

On the other hand, if the Engine Hoist is frequently needed or to be used for commercial purpose or long-term project, buying an Engine Hoist from Sunbelt Rentals is your best bet. However the cost of upkeep and storing of the tool will be borne entirely by you.

Cost Of A New Engine Hoist At Sunbelt Rentals

A brand new Engine Hoist sells for between $90-$2500, depending on the type, size and store location. The above price covers the lightweight engine hoists to the heavy duty ones.

Cost Of Renting An Engine Hoist From Sunbelt Rentals

The average cost of renting an engine hoist from Sunbelt Rental is shown below:

Note: The above prices does not include taxes and other miscellaneous expenses that may be incurred during delivery process. Also the prices varies across different Sunbelt Rental store locations worldwide.

Are Engine Hoists Available At Sunbelt Rentals?

The Sunbelt promise is availability, reliability and ease of tool rentals. Its inventory for engine hoist contains nothing but the best, the following types of engine hoists can be found at Sunbelt rental:

Hydraulic Engine Hoists: This type of engine hoists are operated using hydraulic cylinders. They are used for safely raising and lowering vehicle engine by applying pressure on the hydraulic cylinder.

Chain Engine Hoist: The chain engine hoist is used to haul or install vehicle engines by manually pulling the hand chain, to hoist the engine or object. It is used for lifting light to medium load equipment.

Below are important Sunbelt Engine Hoist model:

CAT CLASS: 073-0011 Engine Hoist is available for rent at Sunbelt Rental. This engine hoist helps is safely raise and lower vehicle engines and other heavy equipments weighing up to 1,500 Ibs. 

It features a knock-down design that allows for easy storage and transportation and weight 279 Ibs.

CAT CLASS: 081-0075 1.5 Ton Lever Hoist-10′ Lift, Features a rugged, compact design and requires minimum effort to handle heavy loads.
CAT CLASS: 081-0240 2 Ton Chain Hoist-30′ Lift, dependable for lifting light to medium loads. Features unique hand chain guide for smooth operation without jamming.

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