A handheld drill comprises its own share of significance, when it comes to completing fiddly household tasks. It’s the equipment that drills holes to widths, depths, and specific angles.

Sure enough that it has done some trusty jobs in the past. However, if you look behind those moments and be honest to yourself, probably some projects will spring to your mind indicating your unhappiness with its finishing result. Yes, your handy piece of drill might become uncomfortable at times.

That’s where the sheer prominence of using a benchtop drill press comes into the forefront.

Introducing Drill Press, in a Nutshell

Enter the world of drill press, and you get control, precision, and productivity! All these traits comprise the noteworthiness of using a drill press.

A significant benefit of switching over to drill press from the handheld ones is its speed and accuracy. What’s more surprising is you can even adjust its depth stop its spindle. It just requires you position the locking nut against the stop.

A drill press can bore a vertical hole of exact depth and diameter without the need for uncomfortably handling with it. For it, almost every solid and dense material is possible to bore – from glass to metal and even wooden pieces!

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Need 1 Tip to Buy a Benchtop Drill Press? Here Are More

Calling the drill press an essential in your household kit will never be an exaggeration. Therefore, it’s recommendable that if you don’t have one in your house, here’s to forking out on one.

Given below is a list of tips that will guide you to choose a reliable piece of equipment. To ensure accuracy, preciseness, and utter comfort, here’s making things simpler for buying a drill press.

Size is the most fundamental thing to consider when you aim at buying a drill press. You can measure the size of the drill press in terms of the swing. Talking about swing, it’s twice the distance from spindle’s center to closest edge of column.

You can also refer to it as the throat distance. For instance, if you choose a 16 inches machine, it will have 8 inches of throat distance.

So, what does that mean? Well, it means that the drill press is capable of bore holes in center of 16 inches of disk.

Before you start performing your survey, you need to know that drill presses range between 10 and 18 inches of size, usually.

There’s no one drill press that is there in the market. So, with a diversifying range of drill presses, there is a variety of features. Not ever feature will be appropriate for your application. That’s the reason why you should check which modern features can suit your requirements.

If you select an18-inch model, chances are high that there will be 16 spindle speed suiting different materials – from hardwood, aluminum to softwood and steel!

Choose one such device that will incorporate the same.Also, don’t forget to check the different bits including brad-points, twist bits, hole-saws, spade bits, and more.

Once you get your favorite model, do check instructions in its manual. Another thing of your concern is to check whether or not the drill includes crosshair type of the laser alignment. It results in pinpoint accuracy of users with adjustable twin beams of laser. 

The significance of using these drill presses doesn’t end on its sole purpose of drilling.Drill presses of today’s modern-day world comprise a varying range of uses & applications.

Beyond its standard action, it also has some operations like cutting mortise. It’s nothing but a rectangle or square hole receiving a tenon and forming woodworking joints.

You can purchase attachments which can give allowance to drill square holes.

The bits are squares with a hole at the center. Here, you can insert the drill. As soon as the bit starts penetrating wood, the chisel will force wooden corners around drill bit.

It will remove materials & pull it away from its hole, resulting in a square hole. One good advantage of it is users get a chance to cut the mortise in thicker board with the use of a mortising machine.

A popular application of drill press happens to be drum sanding. With the sanding attachments, it enables drill press in sanding boards’ edges & panels. It helps assemble cabinetry as well as furniture.

It’ll be helpful if you build simple jigs to optimize drill press for efficient and seamless operation. It will not only facilitate your job but make it easier.

What you can do is follow the simple instructions from below. It will help you streamline the job.

It’s a guide that helps in giving support to the table. Moving the work-piece in the straight line will enable user to bore identical and repetitive holes.

Because it uses a notch with a V-shape, it can hold cylindrical objects in a steady manner. By doing so, it prevents rolling. With larger size of v-notch, there will be the possibility of giving more support to larger pipes.

When you aim at running the work-piece alongside drum, its lower edge doesn’t seem to sand. With this table, it will enable you sand the work-piece’s edge.

Having such a tool around your house will be helpful in a number of ways. Especially, the times when you require boring spaced holes in stone or wood in depths. A drill press should, thus, be one of the essentials to your household kit’s collection.

With a wide range of bits and accessories, this tool will serve different purposes. That’s why it becomes fundamental to get hold of the aforementioned tips before purchasing a benchtop drill press.

Now that you know how to look for an effective tool, why don’t you walk an extra mile and perform your own share of survey? Write to us, which one you found most reliable and efficient for your job!