Many people are confused when the term recladding is used in place of cladding. It should be noted that these two terms might sound alike but they do have a slight difference in their meaning.

Recladding means to again follow the procedure of cladding. It is the process in which external façade cladding is replaced as sometimes it becomes quite unsafe, exploited or starts to deteriorate.

Many people sometimes don’t take the recladding process and step seriously which in ends results in them being regretting that decision. IT should be noted that recladding can be at many times be necessary.

Aluminum or any other solid is used to clad along with aluminum in this process. Even if you don’t know anything about the recladding then you don’t have to worry at all, this article has got you covered.

This article will cover everything you need to know about recladding.

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Steps involved in renovations and recladding

There are few steps that occur in the process of renovations and recladding to make sure that recladding is done in the perfect manner. These steps mainly include planning as their initial plan.

Planning plays a vital role in recladding as it can either provide and make the other steps look easy or vice versa if not planned strategically.

After planning a quality assurance program is ran in which site meeting is held with the project manager along with all the people responsible and related to it before construction.

As discussed earlier, keeping the site protected is the first priority. After a quality assurance program, protecting your home is kept in the mind.

A normal protective covering is fitted such as wooden or carpet flooring. After the protection is ensured, the next step which comes into play in renovations and recladding is removal and exposure.

In it as the name itself suggests that outer cladding is removed and the timber is exposed.

When it is made sure that the step removal and exposure is completed in the process of renovations and recladding, then the next step is brought in the action which is the inspection of timber framing.

This step is very important as from here, things can go wrong as well right. This step should be dealt with patience. After the cladding is removed, then a site visit is arranged to know the condition of it.

After viewing the condition, then it is decided that what steps should be taken further and would that timber frame would be completely fit or not. After the inspection, building repair comes into play.

This is an important step as in this all the rotten timber or any of it which is damaged is undertaken and is removed or replaced if it is possible.

Ending renovations and recladding

After building repair, then comes the main step for which the whole thing was being planned, recladding.

The whole new cladding is installed all according to the design which was selected and when it is done, it is inspected by the council in charge.

Once the council gives a green signal and cladding system is installed, then the last step of renovations and recladding can be at last completed which is painting.

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