In this competitive world, it is certainly not easy to search for a reliable and trusted home contractor for property upgrades, be it big or small. 

As the owner of a house, you are not only worried about schedule and budgets, but also look for such a home contractor who has good knowledge in this and an expert in establishing the type of property upgrade you have in your mind.


Four ways in which you can find a reliable home contractor: 

If you are looking for some advice on finding a trusted home contractor for your upcoming project, these tips may guide you to some extent:

1. Use well-known sources to find a reliable home contractor: Use your sources and find a home contractor you can rely on.

2. Meet and discuss with multiple contractors: Keep your choices open. Meet multiple contractors and then select the one best suited to you. Ask people who have lately bought a new house to recommend a contractor. 

3. Do check out their license: With so many fraudsters in the market, make it a point to check the license of the contractors. Do a background check to consolidate the success rate of the contractors.

4. Ask them about the necessary insurance before you step into it: Make sure to consult them about the necessary insurance plans which you need to opt for. Also, draw up a contract without fail and be very smart regarding your payment. 

We all get irritated by Robocalls or automated spam calls. Finding a good contractor is tough, especially if they think you might be a robocaller.

Although the contractors face this more often, it is frustrating for them to answer all the unknown numbers, too, because who knows when a customer would face a problem and ask for help. This way, you waste a lot of your time on the spam callers, and sometimes, even cutting off the discussions with your customers early to take the call. 

How to avoid robocalls?

You cannot change your number, and else it might affect the business. 

While robocalls are irritating, you can still fight them and save yourself. 

Here are five game-changers:

1. Install Spam Call Blockers:

Several apps helps you to block the spam callers automatically. The best app that contractors can opt for is probably “Nomorobo.” 

Though it is a paid app, it still works automatically rather than relying on you to find a database to decide whether the call is a spam. 

Although, if you’re worried that an app can accidentally decide that one of your customers is a spam caller, then you can always go for the “Truecaller” app. Truecaller warns you regarding the suspected spam calls and leaves it on you to decide whether you want to take the call.

2. Block Area Codes:

While you will have to keep receiving the unknown callers that belong to your local area, that doesn’t mean you have to take calls out of your service area. You can always block the codes of any area you like, on your phone. 

But be warned about the fact that this is not a full-proof solution. 

Some robocalls are getting advanced enough to take off codes of a certain area. Though they do not belong to your area, they can still appear to be. 

3. Virtual Receptionist:

It is never a good idea to hire an employee just to check on your calls. 

But, you can always go for a virtual receptionist. He/she is a real person who screens your calls and performs some other duties of a receptionist without being your direct employee.

Eventually, you will end up saving enormous time, rather than wasting it on mere phone calls.

4. Choose Android:

 So, to the people who use Apple Phones and not the android ones, you will be surprised to hear that the latest version of an Android phone has inbuilt spam identifying software.

Many will be warning you that an incoming call may be spam or fake, so the predictions are quite true. It is recommended that when the plan is to get a new business phone, it is always a wise to opt for an Android over an Apple phone.

5. Block Calls manually:

By chance, if robocalls get through your line of defense, make sure you block that number manually. If you are an iPhone user, block the number straight from your “Recents” tab. If you are an Android user, you can block the number from your call history by long pressing on it.

On long pressing the icon, you can report the number as spam, which further helps the other Android users.