If you face some refrigerator issues, don’t hurry up to apply to the professional repair services. There are many cases when you will be able to sort the things out on your own.

Yes, even if you don’t understand a single thing in the technique. Just follow our recommendations below to troubleshoot the problem right away. These are the most common refrigerator problems you can come across:

refrigerator not cooling

The motor is running nonstop

One of the possible causes of such an issue is the buildup of dust and debris on the condenser coils. First, disconnect your refrigerator from the electrical source of power.

Usually the coils are located on the bottom or on the back side of the fridge. Unscrew the snaps which hold the grill and pull it out. Now you have a direct access to the condenser coils. Remove the clogged debris using the brush and sponge cloth.

To speed up the cleaning process, your vacuum cleaner will be a great assistant. Once the coils are fully cleaned up, install the grill in its previous position and turn the refrigerator on.

Water is leaking

The defrost drain is likely to be clogged. You can clean it with the help of the turkey baster, a small-sized funnel or a pipe cleaner.

If all your attempts to clean the drain failed, we advise inspect the valve of the drain that usually accumulates fairly much debris. You will find the valve on the end of the drain. Clean the valve using the warm soapy water.

fridge not cooling but light is on

Much ice buildups in the freezer

One of the most frequent reasons of such a problem is the freezer door left opened for a pretty long time. Please pay attention whether you have closed the freezer door properly.

Another reason can be hidden in the faulty seal. Just clean the door seal with the sponge and the warm soapy water. Dry it up with the towel. This easy manipulation will bring the door seal into its normal state, and it won’t let the air through.

The final advice: avoid placing many items too close to the back side of the freezer. It can block the normal air flow.

Refrigerator freezes the food

If your refrigerator freezes the food, we recommend checking the temperature control thermostat. Its function is to direct the electricity to the compressor, condenser fan motor and the evaporator fan motor.

If the thermostat is out of order, the refrigerant system will run longer, and thus, will freeze the food. Rotate the thermostat from the lowest setting to the highest one. If you hear the click while rotating it, the thermostat is not faulty. Otherwise, you have to check the thermostat for its continuity using the multi-meter.

If it appears there is no continuity, you are to replace the temperature control thermostat.

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