Congratulations on your newly purchased home! As an excited homeowner, you probably have a list of things that you want to buy at a Furniture store. You may want to get a modern velvet lounge, a small table, or classic armchairs for your living room.

A dining room is never complete without a dining table, chairs, and a champagne or wine chest accent. And you feel that you have a fully-furnished bedroom when you have a bedhead, the bed itself, and some cabinets. But out of all that, where are your lights? 

The lights in a room are not just for lighting up the dimmest areas. They are also the base of the ambience of your home.

A Furniture store may have all of the most beautiful lights in the world, but you need to know what to put in your pad. It is all about your preference, but there are several things to consider if you want your house to be the most beautiful one on the block.

Why do you have lights?

Each room has a different function. You sit on the couch in the living room while watching television, eat at the dining room, and cook in the kitchen. So it is natural to have different lights for separate areas of your house. 

Soft lights or dimmers can lull you to sleep, so it may be a good idea to put some of these in the bedroom. You can be out like a light as soon as your head hits the pillow. The brighter lights keep you awake, so your dining area is in need of these.

The kitchen, in particular, must have bright down-lights above the stove or near the cupboards. Plan your lights, and you can never go wrong.

Highlight with spotlights

A house is not a home without any feature pieces. Do you have a prized art possession that you are dying to put a spotlight on? Or do you have a statement mirror that makes your visitors envious?

You can use a light to highlight any element on your wall. If you have a Mandarin timber console that evokes a covetous spirit from your guests, you can hang a downward light on it to subtly command attention.

The possibilities of the use of lighting on any furniture are endless.

Put up some bathroom and hallway lights

Waking up from sleep during night to go to the toilet is a bothersome task, especially when you are sleepy. But it becomes a nightmare when you stub your toe on a piece of furniture on the way there.

Avoid feeling your way in the dark by carefully positioning floor level lights in the hallways. Have this to avoid a fully awake you after your short but necessary cubby break.

To light or not to light?

Lights can set up the atmosphere of your home. Different lighting is essential, depending on the purpose of the room. But try not to be trigger-happy when it comes to lighting.

If you have a lot of lights that are too diverse, it may be confusing if you have a theme going on. If you need your living space to appear more significant than it is, use a lighter, neutral shade. Darker tones make one feel cozier and more luxurious.

Simplicity is not everything when it comes to lighting. Have a lighting plan for each room so it can draw attention to the areas you want to see the most. 

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