Wondering how to get a roller door installed in your garage? You must be aware of the importance of proper roller door installation for garage as the safety and security of your place depends on it. You need to experience a smooth operation, and for that proper installation is vital. If you are not willing to do it yourself then don’t forget to take the assistance of a professional, there are several professional services which you can avail. 

If you want to do all the things by yourself and save up the cost then this guide is for you. Bear in mind that the instructions mentioned below only act as a guide. You should scan through the manual and other measurements that are included in the specifications. These instructions in the manual often differ according to the brand type, so you must expect differences. 

Interior garage with tools, equipment and wheels. 3d illustration.

Safety precautions for roller door installation for garage

You need to ensure safety thus before roller door installation for garage you need to take care of a few things. You need to examine the structure and see that the place where you are trying to get the door installed is strong enough to support the door’s weight. Bear in mind that correct fastest are vital.

There are different fasteners for different structures so you can not risk that getting the wrong ones. Make sure to have a clearance room for the rolled-up door. The surface must be smooth and the work is even below the door must be clear. You need to have safety goggles if you are going for roller door installation for garage as you can not proceed without it.

Initial steps in roller door installation for garage

The first step which you need to move towards is for the measurement of door width. After getting the readings don’t forget to add 50 mm on each side for the bracket. Next, you need to place a three-hole position in the bracket. Simply start drilling the holes and bolting the brackets.

Go one with the second bracketing after marking the height. You need to be very careful about lifting techniques as you have to lift the door on to the brackets. The floating axle must be free. Find the center and mark it for later reference. Next, you have to fit the saddle, washers, keepers, nuts and bolts. 

Fixing Springs in  roller door installation for garage

Now, shift your attention to the springs. Take the bolts and secure the axle to bracket with it. Next, you have to apply the text to spring. You can do this by rotating the door twice towards forward. Don’t let the door go and hold it firming. At this point, you need someone to assist you who could give your plastic straps. Lastly, pull the curtain of a door down this position will aid in fitting the tracks. 

Fixing Tracks in roller door installation for garage

The last process of roller door installation for a garage is fitting the tracks. You need to pull the door down and ensure there is an equal overlap of both sides. You have to sweep the first track over the edge of a single side of the door and fix it loosely. Repeat this on the other edge while maintaining the verticality.