Decorating your home could be quite much of a task, but it’s also super engaging and is a way for you to showcase your creativity. While, most of us focus on the interior of the house and all that goes inside the kitchen, the bedroom, living room, etc.

We tend to forget one of the most important elements there is when it comes to living in an ideal, comfortable house for you and your family. A garden design, especially a vertical garden, could elevate your home’s appearance drastically and also pays a good first impression.

According to Studio City garden and tree surgeons, a house with a magnificent interior but a boring garden just defies the entire purpose of all your effort put inside your house. You know what they say ‘first impression is the last impression.’ 

So if you ever feel like there’s just something missing to the exterior of your house or your garden isn’t complimenting the rest of your house as it should then you probably should consider enlivening your garden to give your place a whole new look.

Changing or landscaping your garden could significantly make your house look ten times better and neater than it already is.

Instead of opting for the ordinary garden type, why not personalize and choose from some of the most desired garden styles out there that works and suits best as per your personal preference.

If you’re in a serious dilemma for as to what garden style you want to choose from, here are some listed below for you.

beautiful garden designs

Keeping in mind of garden bones:

Before we get into the basics of some of the garden-style options that are available out there, we must consider all factors that contribute to making your garden look presentable throughout the year.

Regardless of the season, it’s essential to maintain your garden and how it looks, whether or not flowers and plants can thrive and flourish during that particular season or weather. Good garden bones are basically what is left behind in the garden during the winter season.

There are natural garden bones that include a deciduous tree, evergreen tree, and shrubs. Man-made garden bones could be quite diverse and include pathways, bench, fountain, ponds, etc.

While you choose any of the garden styles or even if you’re creating your own, you must keep in mind about ‘garden bones,’ not only does it add to the whole look but it also stands out year-round.

Informal and cottage garden Designs

An informal garden represents an unorganized mess. This garden-style dates back to the 18th century in England. Peasants adopted such a garden style to plant all the necessities such as vegetables and plants for medicinal and dye purposes placed with a few flowers.

A cottage garden was made an ideal atmosphere for peasants, beehives, and livestock to live as it comprised of everything important and most basics. Almost every space in an informal garden is utilized but well maintained.

Fences were used to prevent livestock from ruining the plants. This had then been modernized by the elite British class, and the garden’s purpose of containing necessary elements shifted and more ornamental flowers were incorporated.

An informal garden gives you a very earthy feeling, and it could be full of colors and scents that you like and thus making it the heart of the home.

A cottage garden would normally possess plantings randomly placed with very little spacing, climbing plants covering fences and walls, Gravel and brick used for pathways with plants coming in the way and not orderly placed. Beautiful flowers with some useful plants are what make the most out of a cottage garden.

Modern garden Designs

With technology advancing vastly, it wouldn’t be a surprise to say that it took a toll over the usual gardens and ‘modernized’ it. Modern gardens are less chaotic than cottage gardens, but the underlying design involves aesthetic, asymmetrical shapes incorporated with different patio and lawn designs.

The whole concept of modern gardens is to focus on leisure and creating an ‘outdoor room.’ Monotone and basic colors are used to create an elite look.

Key features include ponds or fountains. Concrete, ceramic sculptures, and pots used in gray or white colors are a staple in a modern garden. Concrete stepping stones are used for pathways as they prove to be versatile and edgy.  

Wildlife garden Design

This specific garden style had been ongoing for as long as we can remember. It caters to the fundamentals of improving and supporting ecology. Selected plants are placed to fulfill the functioning of wildlife.

Such a garden contributes to the health and well being of the local ecology and its inhabitants. Wildlife gardens are self-sustainable.

Factors that contribute to a healthy wildlife garden are sources of water in the form of streams or birdbaths; an ample amount of sunlight is essential for plants and the wildlife itself so make sure there is no hindrance such as a hood for sunlight to pour in.

Consider placing diverse plants to bring about as many benefits to the wildlife and above all, utilizing as many layers of the ecosystem to create all the right habitats needed for animals.

Themed Garden Design

Instead of going with the usual garden style, why not put your personal preference to the test. Consider gaining inspiration from an ideal you look up to, or a character you’d hear from in movies or described in books.

You may opt for specific color combinations with ornamental flowers and garden furniture to complement the entire look. You could even create a fragrance garden that consists of several flowers and plants that carry pleasing scents such as jasmine, red roses, night-blooming jasmine, etc.

Sandalwood could also be used to give an earthy, rough feel to your fragrance garden. If you’re far from home, you could bring back some memories and create your garden that represents your heritage and culture.

Grow garden vegetables and plants that remind you of home and are traditionally and widely available in your country, this will give you some serious nostalgia and will make you feel at home no matter how far you are.

Formal Garden Design

Formal gardens are usually quite huge and are a symbol of class and sophistication. It is quite symmetric and has a few focal points with repetitive elements and patterns.

None of it is overdone, but in fact, all elements in this garden are placed in a very neat, calculated manner, hence the name ‘formal’.

Formal gardens involve little to no color but tend to be very abundant when it comes to the color green. With a lush green horizontal lawn paired with trees and shrub topiary.

Key features include paths expanding outwards from the house to create a lengthened effect of the garden, symmetrical trees and plants that are neatly trimmed and border along the pathways usually. Focal points involve fountains or rectangular or oval-shaped pools.

ConclusionThese are some of the popular garden styles that are available out there. You can always try twisting this around and adding your style or even try mixing two themes to give you a whole new result! Trust your gut and personalize your garden while gaining some inspiration and guidance from such as the above.

Designing your garden not only allows you to be completely customary with it but also is an inexpensive way relative to professional landscapers.