When you have a garage, you have an opportunity to fit more than just your cars in the space. Garages are an ideal place to stash lawn equipment, sports gear, and so much more. But the hard part is figuring out how to structure your space so you can get the most out of it.

How should you get started with garage organization? Keep reading to learn some helpful tips that will help you maximize your garage space!

Begin By Decluttering

Before you get too deep into organizing, make sure that you actually want to keep the stuff in your garage. If you have camping equipment from the 70s that you never use or a lawnmower that barely runs, it’s time to clear those things out of your space.

Hold a garage sale or make donations to get rid of unnecessary items. Though it takes a little time on the front end, it will make the organizing process faster and less overwhelming.

Build Cabinets in Your Garage Space

Another tip for garage organization is to use cabinets. Cabinets will keep your contents securely stored, and they’ll make your space look decluttered. 

If you have an alcove in your garage or another space that you know won’t block your car from entering, designate it for a set of cabinets. You can store your rakes, gardening equipment, camping gear, or croquet set inside. Plus, you’ll minimize the dust and debris that these items encounter.

Hang Your Bikes

Bikes consume a lot of floor space, so use a bike hanging system or some well-placed hooks to suspend your bikes. They’ll be securely stored, and you can carve out more space for your car.

Especially during the rainy season, you’ll protect your car from the risk of hail damage, too. And with well-placed hooks, your bikes still will be accessible. 

Put Your Walls to Work

Attach pegboards to your walls for an easy and inexpensive storage solution. They are the perfect place to hang tools and other gadgets that you’re not quite sure where to stash.

And don’t forget about the garage door, which essentially is a movable wall. Roll up commercial doors are a great alternative to the traditional door because they take up less space and last longer.

Add a Fold-Out Work Station

A stationary workbench can cut into your floor space, but one that folds up to the wall won’t do that. Adding a foldable table or bench gives you the flexibility of having a workbench for projects when you need one.

When you’re not using it, simply fold and secure it. Then you’ll gain space other items like storage bins or your car.

Start Organizing

When it comes to a garage space, it’s smart to get organized before you start creating big stacks of stuff you’ll never be able to access. If you use your walls and ceilings wisely, you can reserve your floor space for other purposes. Start making a plan, and then start organizing.

To find more ways to keep your home organized and updated, check back for fresh and informative articles!