Eating nutritious and hygienic food is the key to good health. We avoid restaurant food most of the time and prefer cooking at home because we never know how good or bad the ingredients are.

With the foresight of being extra-cautious at all times, we forget to check out the hygienic condition at our own kitchen.

Cockroach Infestation:


You are the master at your kitchen only until you cook, clean and turn off the lights. Once you are done with your daily chores, the cockroaches take charge of your kitchen. These little beings live in the chambers of your kitchen or any moist place with is mostly out of your reach.

They run around your kitchen, crunching over the leftovers or the uncovered food. They even taste your share of fruits and lay eggs from which 16-50 roaches hatch. 

Diseases they carry:

All these are still fine if you feel, but the dangerous part of co-living with cockroaches is that you would have all the chances of becoming victims of typhoid, cholera, dysentery, and plague.

These little creatures carry disease-causing microorganisms that would make you stick on to your sickbed for a couple of days or even hospitalize you.

As they run around over your food or even the lids of your food storage boxes, they spread the bacteria and disease-causing agents all over your kitchen and these make you fall sick after you come in contact with it. 

Keeping Roaches Outside Your Kitchen:

None would love to witness the sight of cockroaches running away into nook and corners of your kitchen and home when you turn on the lights. Keeping them away is a necessity and also a key to a healthy life.

Here is what you could do to keep them away.

  1. Seal the cracks and seepages in the kitchen – Cockroaches need a very small hideout space. The seepages in your kitchens and also the tile cracks are enough for them to make it their breeding place. Seal even the tiniest of the openings with cement or white cement.
  2. Keep kitchens clean – Avoid keeping food uncovered. Make sure you dispose of the waste food and other materials properly. This food materials tempt cockroaches to live with you. Make sure you wash the utensils used and keep the sink clean. 
  3. Always keep MDX Concepts naturally derived pest control spray at home. A naturally-derived spray has no side effects on humans and this keeps you safe and cockroaches away. 

Advantages of using a naturally derived pest control spray:

There are a hundred ways to eradicate cockroaches but the best one among all the methods is to stick on to naturally derived sprays since the affected area is the kitchen.  

  1. Naturally derived pest control sprays are usually the best way of kid-friendly pest control methods. Your little ones at home will be safe and sound.
  2. The ingredients used are non-toxic in nature.
  3. The pest control spray can be used to eliminate other pests in the kitchen too. 
  4. It can even be a pet-friendly pest control method.