Thinking to install hardwood floors but want something in the budget that looks great and requires less maintenance? In today’s time, hardwood laminate flooring installation is the best alternative if you want something aesthetically pleasing and natural. 

Hardwood laminate flooring came into existence about 15 years ago, and in recent years it has increased in popularity. You can expect an amazing range of hardwood floor designs ideas based on the color, grain pattern that you want, and also the type of finish. Laminate flooring is designed to replicate the different looks of hardwood surfaces and it is great to add a graceful touch to any home or office without hampering one’s budget. 

In certain regions, like Utah, Salt Lake City laminate flooring is more in demand. If you are living in Utah and are deciding what kind of floor to install in your home then you need to ponder upon a few questions before you make a decision. Some of these questions are: 

Now we will discuss a few things so you can make a wise decision depending on various factors. 

A. Advantages of having a Hardwood laminated floor:

There are many advantages of laminate flooring and we have highlighted the most important ones below so it helps you analyze your flooring options. 

B.     Floor design ideas to choose

Hardwood laminate flooring comes in a variety of looks such as embossed look, hand-scraped look, and high gloss. Selecting the best one for your home or office should be based on the weather conditions and what kind of look you want- modern, contemporary, or antique. 

There are many laminate hardwood floor design ideas for home and it can increase the resale value of your residence or office. You need to consider various things when selecting a design idea for your space. So here are some things along with design ideas which you can implement to enhance the beauty of your space. 

You can opt for either prefinished or site-finished flooring. Prefinished is pre-fabricated at the factory and comes with the stain and the topcoat. The advantage here is that you know in advance what the end product is going to look like.

As the name states site-finished flooring is after a professional comes to the site and manually does the finishing touches- scraping, applying the topcoat. Here you don’t know exactly what the end product is going to look like, it’s only after the professional finishes his work you will come to know the look and feel of the wood.

Hardwood laminate flooring comes with many built-in layers which makes it stronger and more resilient to harsh weather. You can opt for Direct Pressure which generally consists of 3 to 4 layers. They are joined together using a pressure of 300-600 pounds per inch and a temperature of up to 300 degrees F. It is also pocket friendly and therefore many people opt for this one. 

The other version is high pressure which consists of 5 layers and is joined together using a pressure of 1300. You can also do a combination of both, use direct pressure in the areas that tread less, and use high pressure in the areas that tread more. Choosing a design considering these things will not just improve the overall look of the wood, but it will make it more functional. 

Usually, hardwood laminate flooring comes with a thickness of 7-12 mm of thickness. The more the thickness is, the longer they last. The width of the plank can be variable. Wider planks require less no of planks to cover the required area and it gives a very elegant and luxurious appearance. Now choose the design with scratches, patina, or textures to give that unusual effect to all rooms. For the kitchen, oak and walnut is a popular choice. 

C. Installation and cost:

The ease of installation and reduced cost is what makes hardwood laminate flooring a popular choice for homes and office spaces. People can save hundreds of dollars on installation. Hardwood laminate flooring comes with ready grooves and tongues and it just needs to be placed correctly to fit into the grooves similar to a puzzle-just to give you a basic idea. 

Additional tip: Adding an Underlay

An underlay acts as a layer of extra protection for your flooring. If by chance there is any leakage beneath your flooring surface, chances are that it will seep through. An underlay adds extra moisture protection, makes your flooring less noisy, and also acts as thermal insulation.

You can also check the  Hardwood Laminate Flooring Installation Guide to do it on your own. However, if you have no experience in this then calling an expert will be advantageous. You will not goof up and in the end, the floor will be laid by a professional so there will be fewer or no flaws. 

D. Refinishing Hardwood laminate floors:

So, When You Should Refinish Your Hardwood Flooring? Hardwood laminate flooring cannot be refinished or sanded like normal hardwood floors and it needs to be replaced when it is scratched, worn out or damaged. Consider it as a kitchen floor which needs no waxing and one should not sand it else its look can spoil.

To refinish the floor you first need to take off the extra shine of the floor. Strip it off. Secondly, re-coat it with the floor sealer and choose a supreme quality glossy finish to apply at the end. Everyday wear and tear and treading give flooring scratches and dents, deeper scratches and flaking. This can be taken care of by applying a fresh layer of topcoat. Small scratches will disappear with this application. 

E. Who can help? Ask a local expert to lend a helping hand 

The climate in Salt Lake, Utah is generally a combination of extreme cold and heat. The condition is mostly dry. Generally, this kind of weather can affect the kind of flooring that you select and would require regular maintenance to keep the flooring in good condition. So, it’s best to ask a local expert for help. Do consider their experience and flooring work to choose the best one in your local area. 

Conclusion: To sum it up, there are many advantages of a hardwood laminated floor and it is much easier to maintain. It can also be designed in style to give that elegant look to your space. It gives your home or office spaces a modern decorative feel without hampering your budget and is highly durable. It is cost-effective and you can contact a local expert in Utah to install hardwood laminate floor in the budget. Considering all the above points in detail can help you choose a top-quality laminate floor for your space. 

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