In the past, the construction industry operated within limited resources. So much so, the concept of portable scaffolding was unheard of. Therefore, the majority of the population was content with a roof on their heads.

However, the demands of people have changed with the passage of time. The current generation wants lavish houses, sparkling apartments, attractive buildings, etc. 

Resultantly, the construction industry has also evolved in order to live up to the expectations of people. You may have caught a glance of a construction site and witnessed much heavy equipment. Well, these heavy machines are categorized into the following types: 

heavy equipment machinery for construction

Material handling equipment

Material handling equipment refers to the heavy machines that are used to shuffle construction material within the territory of the job site.

In the old times, this task used to require a tremendous amount of labor because construction material weighs a lot and the workforce had to literally risk their neck to get the job done. 

Luckily, the element of risk has sharply declined due to the advent of the following material handling equipment: 

Earthmoving equipment

Earthwork is indispensable to almost all types of construction. Irrespective of the scale of a project, it would typically require stuff like soil grading, moving large chunks of earth, and digging foundations. And this is exactly what earth moving equipment is used for. 

There is a long list of equipment that falls into this category. But we are mentioning only top-tier earth moving machines

Tunneling equipment

When it comes to tunneling, it is all about high-performance equipment. While the majority of the machines might remain the same, you might have to incur a few different equipment at the job site. For example:   

Transportation equipment

Transportation vehicles remain involved in the construction process from the beginning right until the end.

Their job is to carry heavy material like steel, concrete, wood, etc. on the job site. And once the construction is finished, contractors rely on them for the cleanup process. The popular transportation options include the following vehicles:   

The final verdict

Well, from the above list of heavy equipment it is safe to say that the construction industry has blossomed like anything. Its resources have increased leaps and bounds to meet our ever-changing demands.

The house you are living in today is erected with the combination of nearly all these machines also.