An Auger is a hand-held tool or machine-powered drilling device used for making holes in wood surfaces or in the ground. It is useful for construction activities that involve digging holes, such as building a fence, installing a deck or planting a tree. Augers makes it easy for tackling any hole-digging job. Home depot auger rental makes getting an auger easy for private individuals who cannot afford to buy one.

What Is An Auger Used For

The Auger is an important tool for digging multiple holes in the ground. Augers are efficient tools for digging holes of a consistent length or width, thereby allowing for quicker, cleaner installation.

It is used for drilling holes on wood surfaces. In situations where you need to make holes for screws/ bolt & nuts, an auger comes in handy.

The precision at which it drills holes, and the rotation helical screw blade that acts as screw conveyor for removing drill material, saves you the time of having to first measure holes before drilling and remove the drilled material from the hole.

Augers can be distinguished into two categories, which are: hand-held or machine powered augers.

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Types Of Augers

Types of augers include: Wood Augers, Ice Augers, and Earth Augers

How Much Does An Auger Cost?

The cost of a new Auger is between $750-$2000. This is the market price for bigger augers (Earth Augers), while the smaller lightweight ones goes for between $50-$200. 

Auger Rental At Home Depot

Augers are available for rent at most Home Depot stores. You can select from the variety of high quality branded and reliable Augers to get the job done faster and better.

How To Rent An Auger From Home Depot

To rent an Auger from a Home Depot store, all you need do is follow this simple procedures:

Home Depot Auger Rental Process

Should You Rent Of Buy An Auger?

Renting or buying an Auger depends on the frequency of the need for the tool. If your reason for renting an auger, is for a one-time job of digging holes for installing a post, we can say the frequency of its need is minimal, and as such, it is better to rent it. But,

If the need of an auger is for a continuous project over a long period of time say up to six months or a year, it will save the contractor money if he buys the auger. Reason being that, the cost of renting the auger, spread over the six month duration will be more expensive as compared to buying it.

Cost Of Renting An Auger From Home Depot

The price charged for rent on Augers varies from store to store, however, 

1 Man Auger Rental

2 Man Auger Rental 

Note: The above prices varies across different Home Depot store location worldwide. Therefore, it is important to look up the prices charged on rentals in the store location closest to you before renting.

What Type Of Augers Are Available At Home Depot?

Home Depot inventory for Augers contain the best manufactured, top quality augers, tested and trusted to deliver your desired result. Some of the models of augers in its inventory include:

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