The security cameras always watch your back; they are super useful since hiring security guards is not an option for everyone. The security cameras can be installed everywhere without making a mess.

They are easy to install; anyone can connect them all by himself, so you don’t need any special assistance of any kind, or you can hire security camera installation companies which does not cost you that much.

The security cameras or CCTV technology was used in Germany in 1942 for the first time, after its first use, the security cameras had been used by many multinational companies later on people started installing them in their houses.

Now CCTV is considered as one of the essential things in the house, everyone is living a busy life, and they can check on their loved ones by monitoring them from their phones since you can see your security camera footage on your smartphone.

However, most of the security camera installation companies have very reasonable offers for their customers. There are different security cameras used in different situations, you can visit for a comprehensive overview. Let’s take a look at some popular models:

Box Camera:

A Box Style camera is considered as a standalone camera since it operates independently. The name of the camera is obtained from the box-like shape of the camera.

Box camera functions like any other camera; it performs the same functions, or you can say that it does not lack any essential service. The box security camera is usually used outdoors, it can be used indoors, but it does not look that good if you have decorated your house so beautifully.

The good thing about this camera is that the lens of this camera can be customized; it depends on your needs where you want to install this camera. The glass which can be customized can be fixed or vari-focal.

Dome Camera:

Dome security cameras are named since their shape is dome-like. This camera is best for the places which are more exposed to dirt; for instance, in kitchens, you should install dome security cameras since the smoke caused by sausage grilling can affect the lens of the security camera.

So the best option for you is a dome security camera, which can be installed in the kitchen because the camera’s dome-like shape prevents smoke particles from getting deposited on the lens. 

Moreover, intruders cannot notice the dome camera in the ceiling because it can be installed high in the ceiling corner, and its shape does not make it look like a security camera.

This camera can be mistaken for anything except a security camera. The shape of dome camera is so inconspicuous that one cannot tell the direction of the camera lens, this camera can be installed in the alley where an intruder can hide their face by noticing the camera in the ceiling but due to the shape of the camera an intruder cannot tell whether the camera is filming him or not.

Dome security cameras can also be used in warehouses as well because there is always dust in the warehouse. The security of the warehouse can’t be compromised, and you should consider installing dome cameras there.

Bullet Camera:

Bullet cameras are also known as lipstick cameras. They come in bullet-like shape, and they are sealed with a casing which makes them suitable for outdoors since they don’t need servicing very often.

The good thing about the bullet cameras is that they don’t need a separate lens. The bullet security cameras have a more extended range, and if you are looking for a camera for your backyard or parking lot, you can count on the bullet security cameras.

Moreover, they use Infrared illuminators which are devices which can emit light in the infrared spectrum. They help view even small footprints with the help of IR illuminators. These cameras are ideal for low-light situations.

Day/Night Camera:

This security camera is unique, unlike other cameras, since it has an IR filter which prevents it from emitting infrared spectrum, and it gives glare-protection.

You can install this camera outdoors since there is a lot of sunlight and it could disturb the vision of the usual camera. All you need a day/night camera if your regular security camera cannot stand the dazzling sunlight.

The Day/Night cameras can also be installed indoors as well because they can show you the image in the meagre light. 

These features of the day/night camera make it unique from others. You can depend on this camera even if you want it indoors or outdoors. It looks like almost a bullet camera, and it does not make the decorations bad, unlike Box Camera.

Another good thing about this camera is that most security camera installation companies offer waterproof Day/Night Cameras, which are very advanced, and they can be installed outdoors since the rain cannot affect them.

Thermal Camera:

A thermal camera uses a very advanced technology which is known as thermal imaging. It uses thermal imaging for the production of the surveillance footage.

Thermal cameras are often used outside the military headquarters or government building since there can be harsh environments outside this kind of premises such as riots or strikes.

These cameras are ideal for dark and harsh milieu; you can install one at your house, but you won’t need it. These are costly cameras and cannot be afforded by anyone. 

They are used in different areas where street lights are not erected, or there is no light at night, such as woods. Some of the adventurous people who live in the woods for the sake of hunting, they can absolutely invest in these thermal cameras.

If you are interested in building a cabin in the woods, you should take thermal camera with you for personal security and the security of your loved ones since there are vicious animals out there who always come at night, you can really keep an eye on them at night by not going out after checking them on thermal footage which is produced by your thermal camera.

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