Interior designers earn millions by creating the looks you see in magazines. However, you don’t have to pay millions to create your aesthetically appealing home.

Tips for Arranging Accessories in Your Home

These are essential tips to help you achieve an aesthetic room to show off your style. Of course, you may have to change things up a bit until you get your desired look, but well, Rome was not built in a day.

Choose the Right Accessories

The first tip is to choose the right accessories. What matters when accessorising your home is not the number of objects. The crucial point is selecting a few items to show off your taste. Buy a few artworks to decorate the living room. Place a bookshelf somewhere if you want but don’t turn the living room into a library.

Devise Organisational Tricks

After picking the right accessories, the next task is to arrange them. The key to appealing interior design is avoiding unnecessary clutters at all costs. Use a tray to hold random straying objects on the table. A tray will add dimension to a flat surface, making it seem like a carefully-selected decoration piece. 

Employ Visual Triangles

When people enter your home, they reflexively observe the visual aesthetics it presents. Arrange items to form triangles to make your home a pleasing sight. On shelves and mantels, arrange objects by height to create a symmetrical or asymmetrical triangle. You can place a large piece in the middle and surround it with two smaller ones or vice versa.

Always remember not to place similar-sized objects together. Avoid arranging objects in height order, as this fails to garner the same attention as a triangle. The latter is a trick. Try it too.

Contrast the Heights

You can do a lot by contrasting the heights of objects in your home. Putting objects with similar shapes together will give your home a boxy look you won’t see in any magazine. From the objects, you place on your shelves to the artworks on the wall, vary the heights to create an appealing contrast in your home. Putting objects with similar shapes together will give your home a boxy look you won’t see in any magazine.

Use the Rule of 3

You may have heard about the rule of 3 in different settings, but it also applies to interior design. Objects arranged in odd numbers tend to look better than even numbers. For this reason, designers like placing three objects together to create a group. You can do the same with five or seven objects. While grouping various objects, remember to create contrast with different colours, textures, shapes and sizes.

Image Via: 1825 Interiors

Get Creative with the Books

Books are meant to be read but also make good decorative pieces. Add some books to a surface to elevate the spot and place a decorative item on it. While arranging the bookshelf, mix things up with sizes and colours to call attention to your collection. Place some books horizontally, then add some in a vertical position. Place some books over others to create a visual appeal that will call even the person least interested in literature.


Arranging accessories in your home is a fun task you can embark on as a personal project. However, if you see that you are not up to the task, you can employ a professional designer to give you the look you want. Over time, these tips will help you acquire more items and merge them into the existing arrangement.