To find the best stunt scooter for you, you need to know what is a stunt scooter. A stunt scooter is the type of scooter designed for skate parks or for doing freestyle tricks. 

This means that it is more flexible, most of the time heavyweight also has a 360 rotating steering bar. While your scooter might not have all of the above it still can be the best for you.

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Before you click away to visit our friends. Let me tell you guys some things about the stunt scooters that you going to find useful while choosing your next stunt scooter.

Handle Bar:

Normally a scooter has an adjustable handlebar. But a stunt scooter is not a normal scooter. It was made for freestyling and skate parks. Stunt scooter does not have an adjustable handlebar because you don’t want the handle to move while you are freestyling. 

That’s why they have a 360 spinning handlebar. 

Some cheap stunt scooter might not have 360 spinning handlebar mind you.

The Scooter Deck:

The deck where you are going to stand and ride the scooter needs to be strong enough to carry your whole weight. The deck can be made out of many materials. Aluminum, wood or perhaps fiberglass for more sponginess. 

While most of the traditional scooter, skateboard, hoverboard goes for wooden or fiberglass deck for more spring. 

Stunt scooter uses a metal deck. Because you need durability. As you are going to jump on the scooter. Which results in heavier scooters. A price you have to pay for better sturdiness. 


Normally the wheels of stunt scooter are different. Both in size and material. Cheaper scooter mostly has a plastic wheel where the high-end ones have aluminum. 

But a stunt scooter has a small wheel for more burst speed. They are designed for a shorter course and can burst to high speed with short velocity. 

Is the scooter right for your child?

Is your child old enough to ride one? Please don’t let a kid less than 5-7 years old ride a stunt scooter. 

The name should give a warning already. A stunt scooter is made for freeriding. Let it be skate park or behind your garage. While riding the scooter safety is on your hand. That’s why make sure your kid wears safety gear before riding. Don’t let them try a stunt that will hurt them for sure. 

Doing small jumps on their scooter already?

Get them a stunt scooter ASAP. Traditional scooters aren’t built for withstanding jumps. That’s why the deck of stunt scooter is made out of steel.

How should you approach choosing the right one for you:

The related website¬†WiredShopper considers that a stunt scooter should sit comfortably between your hips and waist. The rider who prefers riding “park style” a lower height bar will suit them best.¬†

Ultimately some rider prefers lower ones where some prefer high bars. But this doesn’t apply for beginners. For beginners, we recommend going by the recommended height. 

To find the perfect height, measure till your waist from the ground. Then measure again till your naval from the ground.

The middle point between your naval and waist is the perfect height for you.

Should you choose scoter based on age?

Don’t do this mistake. You might be too short for the scooter of your age. Or perhaps the scooter is too short for your height. This will create lots of confusion. 

That’s why you should avoid choosing by age. Like we mentioned in the previous point, measure from ground to waist then again ground to naval. The middle point between your naval and waist is the perfect height for your handlebar. 

Find that number then buy a scooter that shares the handlebar height the same as your measurement. 

I know it sounds troublesome but trust me this is for the better.

Now that you know how to choose the best stunt scooter for you. You should buy some safety gears too.

Remember riders, safety first. 

We hope you were able to get an idea of what stunt scooter is, what makes a stunt scooter best and what is best for you. 

We hope you enjoyed the guide. Thanks for reading. Now go do some stunts and share them with the world.