If you are wondering how to fix the gib board to your ceiling then this article has got you covered. You will be happy to know that with proper steps you will be able to do the job yourself.

You can save a lot of money but there are several things which you should know before digging straight into the task. You need to be careful of the live wires and make sure that they are not exposed.

The best approach is to consult an electrician for fixing the live wires for you. You need to be careful before getting the plasterboard installed. You need to make sure that bags get thrown over to the roof space.

If you are confused about how to get started then do not crease your forehead as this article has detailed the steps which you can take today for installing a high-quality ceiling. These are just guidelines and feel free to explore different sources for a complete guide.

Right Battens in gib fixing

People prefer mental ceiling battens for achieving a stable substrate. If you want to achieve a great finish then you should prepare the substrate.

Before getting the gib board installed you need to take care of the platform. Make sure that the platform is not only flat but also straight.

Installing Batten in gib fixing

Next, you need to remember how the ceiling battens run. These run in the same manner in a ceiling plane. Installation of battery might require extra nogging installed. Just bear in mind that the sheets edge joints need to run in the same direction.

Distributing load evenly while gib fixing

Next, be mindful of the insulation limit. If we talk about the durable uniformly distributed loads then these must not limit 3 kg/m(2). Consider these limits to be similar to overlaid insulation, fittings, and fixtures.

If you wish to exceed the limit then you will want independent support. If you will not keep these limits in mind then you will not be avoiding the sagging which could surface in the gib ceilings. 

Back blocking technique

Next, think about the back blocking technique in gib fixing. If you do not have any idea what the technique is then this is used for reinforcing plasterboard joints for reducing peaking of joints and cracking.

You must be mindful of the technique because it is responsible for not only strengthening the joints between the board sheets but also for stabilizing it. Further, this is used for reinforcing the area where butt joints are present. 

Gib fixing process

Now here comes the gib fixing part. You need to be careful about angle while fixing the gib board to the ceiling. Ensure that angle is 90 degrees to the frame of the ceiling. 

Controlling the cracks

If you are wondering what is the most common way of controlling random cracks then the answer lies in the installation of concrete joints in the concrete. You need to be sure that installation gets done in large open ceiling planes.