How To Install Wallpapers – Easy Guide

Fourth Step: Hanging of Wallpaper

After rolling on the adhesive, take out your well-cut wallpaper and hang them on  the wall. Start from the top-left to the bottom to make the work smooth. Be sure to gauge the orientation properly in order to have a well-placed wallpaper.

After placing the wallpaper, slowly roll your wallpaper brush over the wallpaper with as much pressure as you can exert. This is done to prevent air bubbles underneath the wallpaper. While you’re at it, you should notice the excessive adhesive underneath the wallpaper dripping off as pressure is applied.

If you do notice this, then you’re doing it right!

Continue to repeat the third and fourth step until you have covered the whole wall, then take out your razor blade and trim out the left overs at the bottom of the wallpaper. There you go! A home with a fresh look.

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