According to long distance movers in Dallas, there’s nothing better than the feeling of settling into a new home and having all your belongings neat and organized. However, between work and family obligations, it’s easy to fall back into old habits and find yourself surrounded by clutter once more. Here are some easy ways to stay focused and ensure your beautiful new home remains just as tidy as it was after you first moved in.

Get Into a Routine

When you go pencil cleaning into your regular routine, it becomes as habitual as brushing your teeth. Whether you tackle a different room each day or save tidying up for the weekend, once you devise a schedule for what needs to be addressed, all you need to do is follow your to-do list and check off the boxes as you complete each task. It’s essential to stay committed to your schedule; otherwise, you’ll find yourself making excuses to avoid keeping your home neat and orderly.

Best Time To Unpack Clothing After Moving


Like most people, you probably come home from work, toss your professional attire onto a chair or the floor and throw on some comfy clothes. A natural habit to incorporate into your nightly routine is throwing your work clothes straight into the hamper to avoid a pile-up of dirty clothes. Similarly, hang up your jackets and suits, rather than discarding them onto the bed to prevent unwanted wrinkling and a cluttered bedroom.

Keep Your Bathroom Organized After Shower

After showering, a little pampering, and brushing your teeth, dedicate a few minutes of your time to cleaning up your bathroom. Hang up wet towels (or toss them in the hamper), seal and put away all your products, and wipe down the shower to avoid any mold buildup.

Maintain a Clean Bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal oasis of relaxation and comfort. Coming home to a messy bedroom won’t help you de-stress after a long day. Get into the habit of making your bed each morning and tidying up your room. When making your bed is a normal part of your routine, it’ll also set an excellent example for your children, teaching them how to take responsibility for keeping their things tidy.

Grab the Vacuum and Duster

Vacuuming and dusting every single day is just not feasible. But, when you incorporate it into your routine one to two times per week, it’ll become second nature and leave your home looking sparkly clean.

Getting Your Family On Board After Moving

Have a family? Invite them to lend a helping hand in keeping the household tidy. Even the little ones can get involved by learning to put their toys away. The best strategy for getting everyone on board is to make the whole ordeal fun. Play some music, have a competition to see who can pick up the most toys, or promise a small reward at the end for everyone’s hard work.


Maintaining a clean household may seem like a huge chore, but the truth is, if you incorporate organizing into your weekly tasks and responsibilities, it’ll wind up becoming second nature. Plus, tackling different areas of the house at different times of the day or days of the week, will help break up the work into more manageable tasks.