A clean toilet is a reflection of a clean home. If you clean your house rigorously but ignore the toilet, you are making a big mistake.

It is very important to maintain a toilet on a regular basis as it will not only keep your entire house feeling clean but also save you from spending a large amount of money in case of clogs etc. We often assume that only thorough cleaning is required to maintain the toilet, but that is not the case.

If you give some time on a routine basis to maintain the toilet, you won’t be required to spend a lot of time once a month for detailed cleaning. We are going to give you some easy tips on how to maintain a toilet, so next time this tiresome chore looks simpler to you. 

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Address the plumbing issues 

To begin with, we would like to iterate the importance of plumbing system. If there are damaged or leaking pipes, no matter how many times you clean the toilet, it will be of no use. Therefore; if you see any leakage in the tank or blocked toilet, contact a professional and get the issue resolved. 

With the help of pipe relining, you will be able to get the pipes fixed without excessive digging and labour work. It will be less time consuming and cost-effective. So do not wait for the problem to get worse, rather get it fixed in the initial stages to save you some great deal of effort and money. 

One of the most common problems with toilets occurs due to damaged flapper valve. It will keep the water running from the tank to bowl, and you could lose up to two gallons of water per minute. To avoid large bills, it is better to keep a check on any water leakage in your toilet. 

Unclogging a drain

A very common problem that plumbers are called in for is ‘’clogged drain’’. Take our advice and do not flush any item that is not meant for the toilet.

Your tears, hopes and dreams are not meant for a flush but if needed to be flushed away; they won’t clog the toilet, so that’s a safe choice but at any cost avoid flushing away hard paper, tampons or sanitary pads. If you still find a clogged drain in your toilet, plunging can help you get rid of the clog.

With the help of a plunger you can break down the clog, and it will be flushed out from your plumbing pipes, however, if the problem persists take help of a toilet auger to remove the clog.

If you are unsure of how it is done, always seek help from professionals rather than damaging your toilet. Some people just grab bleach or harmful chemicals to unclog a toilet, but it is not a safe choice as it can irritate your skin or damage the plumbing pipes.

If you have pets and babies in the house, it is a big NO-NO! Before, you take any action in case of a clogged drain, turn off the emergency valve, so the water does not overflow and damage the other parts of your toilet. To learn more on toilet maintanance, visit toiletrated.com.

Cleaning the toilet

We are a strong advocate of keeping your toilet clean. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain your toilet. How often you clean the toilet depends on the usage, family size and the available time but thorough cleaning at least twice a week is essential to maintain your toilet. 

Let us tell you how to keep a toilet clean without putting in too much effort. 

  1. Make sure everyone in the house flushes the toilet right away after using it.
  2. Keep a trash bin near the toilet to avoid clogged drain.
  3. Do not use bleach as a toilet cleaning solution as it will not only damage the plumbing pipes but bring adverse effects on your family’s health. 
  4. Buy good quality toilet cleaning solution, brush and gloves. 

Firstly, wash the toilet with clean water before pouring in the cleaning solution into the bowl. Leave the cleaning solution for 5-10 minutes and then clean it with a toilet cleaning brush thoroughly. Wait for 10 minutes to flush away the cleaning liquid for extra shine. 

Instead of bleach, we recommend using white vinegar for extra cleanliness. After cleaning the bowl with cleaning solution, pour in some vinegar and leave for 10-15 minutes. It will not only remove stains and give an extra shine to your toilet.

Clean the outside of the bowl and tank with a disinfectant to make sure your toilet is germs free. Pouring vinegar in-tank helps to keep the toilet clean after every use as it washes away the stain. 

If you don’t want to spend money on cleaning solutions, there are a few traditional methods that are cheap and useful to maintain a toilet. Borax is the tried and tested option for cleaning a toilet.

It is effective cleaning material and easily available in the market. Another plus is that it is environment-friendly and flushing it down the bowl doesn’t have any harmful effects on the environment.

If you are a fan of the nicely scented toilet, borax will not be an ultimate solution for you, but adding a few drops of essential oil will serve the purpose. You can leave the borax powder in the toilet overnight and clean it with a brush in the morning for a super clean finish. 

Another easier and cheaper way to maintain the toilet is using Alka Seltzer tablets. You can put the tablets in the toilet and clean it after a while. Its citric acid will remove all the stains, leaving your toilet clean and fresh. 

Wrapping Up

Using these simple tips will help you maintain a toilet. If you spend a few hours during each week on cleaning your toilet, you will be saved from spending a heavy amount on major maintenance in the long run.

Keep a look at the leakage and any damage to the plumbing pipes, clogged drains and stains on the bowl and tank. If fixed timely, your toilet will be maintained as clean as new. 

A well-maintained toilet will give you a sense of an overall clean house and positive impression of your house to your guests. Either every morning or before going to bed, spend a little time cleaning the toilet.

You can purchase some scented candles, diffusers, small pots on indoor plants to enhance the look of your toilet. Keep in mind, air fresheners and candles only work if your toilet is maintained properly ranging from plumbing pipes to drains.