So, you finally bought the infrared sauna blanket that you’ve been vying for so long, didn’t you? And now, if you’re wondering, figuring out how to use it will be exhausting; you’re completely mistaken. 

Using a sauna blanket doesn’t require expertise. It is fairly easy. However, having said that, you need to be mindful of certain key points. To be on the safe side and know some sauna blanket to-dos, reading this guideline in detail is the best way to go. Let’s begin!

How To Use Infrared Sauna Blanket?

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use a sauna blanket. 

Read the manual

Before using any electronic devices such as a sauna blanket, reading an instruction manual that comes with it is a must. 

There are plenty of commercial brands that sell sauna blankets, and while the fundamental function is the same, the ways to handle them might be different. So, to learn the way to adjust time, temperature, or any how-tos, read the manual thoroughly. 

Hydrate Yourself

This tip might or might not be mentioned in your manual, but always ensure that you are properly hydrated before your infrared sauna session. Drink a glass of warm water before the session. If you’re worried about feeling thirsty in between the session, keep a water bottle handy nearby. 

Set the appropriate temperature

Many sauna blankets allow you to set your desired temperature directly. But some allow you to set a level where the increase in level increases the temperature within the blanket. 

Whatever the case, you’ll probably find the recommended level or temperature for beginners in the instruction manual. You’ll probably want to start at a lower level/temperature and work your way upwards with each session. 

Remember that everybody has a different tolerance to sauna heat. So, do not just endure the higher temperature levels with difficulty just because someone else has recommended it. Set the temperature at which you sweat, yet you feel relaxed and not overwhelmed. 

Set your preferred time

Now, once you set the temperature, set the time using the buttons. For beginners, starting with a minimal time, i.e., around 10-15 mins is a good idea. You can then increase the time slowly with each session. 

The recommended sauna time is usually below 25 mins. However, if you are well hydrated and the temperature is mild, you can exceed the time limit to around 45 minutes. But if you feel overwhelmed during the process, get out quickly.

What to wear?

What to wear generally comes down to individual preference. In conventional sauna rooms, it is recommended to expose as much skin as you can as it is often the steam that heats you up. 

However, while using an infrared sauna blanket, it is often recommended that you wear a set of loose, breathable cotton clothes. As sauna blankets are very intimate to use, doing so is also best for hygiene issues. Likewise, cotton fabrics are known to absorb sweat decently. 

Wrap yourself in the blanket and relax

Finally, once you as well as the blanket, are all prepared, it is time for you to get inside your sauna blanket and relax. If you feel thirsty in between, feel free to drink water, and if the time and temperature settings are too much, make adjustments accordingly. 

Let your body cool gradually

Showering as soon as your sauna session ends is not healthy. We understand that the sweaty and sticky feeling after a sauna is not a great one. However, it will be difficult for your body to handle the sudden temperature difference. 

Instead, after you come out of your sauna blanket, let your body cool gradually at room temperature for 10-15 minutes. Once you feel ready, you can take a shower. 

Clean the infrared sauna blanket

Even if your infrared sauna blanket is strictly personal, you must clean it after every session. Luckily, it is not at all a big job to clean a sauna blanket. Use a disinfectant spray and wipe the inside of the blanket or simply wipe it using antibacterial wipes. Once you’re done, fold the blanket and keep them in place. 

How to Use Sauna blanket ?

How Often Should You Use An Infrared Sauna Blanket?

On average, you can use infrared sauna blankets three to four times a week. But if you feel that sauna sessions make you feel better or reduce pain, you can use them every day. Just ensure that you are well hydrated, your sauna blanket is of high quality, and you keep the temperature tolerable.

Safety Tips While Using An Infrared Sauna Blanket

Now that we’ve discussed how to use infrared sauna blankets let’s have a look at a few safety tips that you must be wary of before you use them. 

Hydration is the key

Sweating during the sauna dehydrates you. So, after every sauna session, make sure you drink enough to compensate for the water loss during the session. If not water, other healthy alternatives can be electrolytes-based drinks or a low-sugar fruit juice. 

In the case of pregnancy and major health conditions

If you are pregnant or if you have a chronic underlying condition such as heart disease, low blood pressure, diabetes, or kidney conditions, you must discuss it with your doctor beforehand. 

Be patient if you’ve just had your major meal

Jumping into the sauna after a big heavy meal is not a healthy way to go. Likewise, a sauna session on an empty stomach isn’t good either. So, make sure you have a light snack before your sauna. 

Do not overdo

Sauna feels relaxing. But it would be best if you didn’t overdo it. We’d say, listen to your body. If you start feeling dehydrated and nauseated, reduce the sauna time and session and hydrate yourself. 


We hope this detailed guideline on how to use an infrared sauna blanket was useful to you. Also, be mindful of the safety tips we’ve shared in this post. In case you have any more queries or tips regarding the use of sauna blankets, let us know! We’re all ears!