Hiring a residential architect to build a custom home often has a major impact on the life of you and your family. However, the timeline for building a custom home is often longer than you might expect.

There are many stages to planning the interior and exterior of the home well in advance of construction. If you are planning on building a custom home with all your dream layout and features, you may want to consider the input and assistance of a local interior designer during the early stages of the project to ensure you have highly functional and original interiors for your new home. 

Throughout the design and development process for a new home, you’ll need to meet with a wide range of contractors and home planning professionals. For many new or potential custom homeowners, this hired expertise often begins with a residential architect, who will lead the development of the home’s overall structure.

There are many suppliers, vendors, and teams of home builders who will have an impact on the development of your new space. 

Planning the layout and practical use for each room with the assistance of an interior designer can be just as important or, in some cases, more important than any other practical home design and construction service.

If you’re interested in creating a dream home that perfectly fits you and your family, you’ll want to speak with an interior designer in the early stages of the project.

The conversations and planning process with a professional interior designer may retroactively affect something as large-scale as the architectural design of your home. Let’s take a look at the benefits of hiring an interior designer for any custom home project. 


Visualize Your Ideas

If you’re planning to build a custom home, then chances are you already have some ideas about how this space should feel.

You might have a handful of cool features you’d like to include or a few designs you’d like to see incorporated throughout the house. However, it can be difficult to express these ideas in a practical format that is reasonable for home construction.

An interior designer can help build these features and designs into the home’s construction plans, ensuring that the home feels like the dream home you’ve always wanted and that you aren’t making any concessions. It’s your custom home- don’t be afraid to bring your crazy dream home ideas to the table- you might be surprised at how many of them are possible. 

Input on Building Materials

An interior designer can help you find the right look and feel for each room of your home by selecting a handful of building materials for your review. Finding the right mix of bricks, wood, and decorative formats is essential to giving your home a stunning yet comfortable design.

If any of the building materials are outside of your budget to use on a large scale, your interior designer or residential architect can help you find the right alternative for your home.

New Ideas Based on How You Live

An interior designer can bring new layout and design options to the table before the construction process that fit how you and your family will use this new space.

You’ll likely have a few discussions with your interior designer about the logistics of your living patterns. Which rooms of the house do you spend the most time in? Where are the main throughways that connect each room? At what times do you usually use the kitchen, TV room, or office in your current space?

These questions are a great way to get started on mapping out a few more design considerations that will go a long way towards elevating your new custom home. 

Budgeting Assistance

Calculating or estimating the costs of a custom home can be a daunting process. Building this new residential space is a long project, in which additional costs may be incurred by shifts in design, availability of building materials, and construction delays.

Consulting with both an interior designer and a home architect will ensure you get a clear understanding of how much the project will cost, and how these professionals will handle any detours and roadblocks along the way.

Creating a reasonable budget well in advance of the project is an essential early process for any dream home project.  

Create Stand-Out Color

Choosing creative colors for your interiors is a tricky and time-consuming process to work on alone. Once you’ve assembled the general layout for your home, an interior designer can serve as a color consultant for each room of the house.

This consultation process will help you find what works based on the natural lighting for each space and will ensure you choose something timeless rather than trendy

Keeping Things Practical

There are more than a few practical considerations that must be observed when constructing a new home. Your residential architect will help with the majority of your utility needs, while an interior designer will keep things functional in spaces like the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Finding what’s reasonable for living yet achievable from a design standpoint can be a frequent challenge for both the interior and exterior of your home.    

Conclusion- Why an Interior Designer is Essential for Planning Your Dream Home

An interior designer can help you keep the flow and form of your home without sacrificing any of the practical requirements necessary for constructing the home of your dreams.

Visualizing your new space, considering your practical needs, and picking out everything from colors to cabinet materials is an easier and more streamlined process with the assistance of these professionals.